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Plug Power fleet operational in Maryland

17 February 2017By

Plug Power Inc. has announced that it has executed on an award contract from the United States Postal Service (USPS) by developing 36 GenDrive hydrogen (H2) fuel cell units for class 1 sit-down counterbalance trucks and 49 GenDrive H2 fuel cell units for class-3 pallet jacks in their material handling ...

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Ballard in consortium to deploy 20 Fuel Cell buses

15 February 2017By

Ballard Power Systems has announced its involvement in the ‘Fuel Cell Electric Commercialisation Consortium’ (FCEBCC), a large-scale project for which funding has now been committed to support deployment of 20 zero-emission hydrogen (H2) fuel cell electric buses at two California transit agencies.

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Simark experiences major sales increase

15 February 2017By

Simark Controls, a subsidiary of SFC Energy, leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, has achieved a major sales increase in 2016.

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WTI partners to produce H2 fuel

9 February 2017By

Water Technologies International (WTI) Inc., leader in the technology in atmospheric water generator’s production and design, has evolved as a ‘Pure Water Play’ generating, cleaning and producing water used to make hydrogen (H2) fuel for power plants.

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Air Products plays part in biomass H2 production facility

26 January 2017By

Air Products is part of a consortium that took part in the inaugural ceremony of the Shikaoi Hydrogen (H2) Farm, a H2 production supply facility derived from livestock biomass waste located in Hokkaido, Japan.

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Exclusive with Ballard’s Randy MacEwan

13 January 2017By

Gasworld spoke exclusively to Ballard’s President and CEO Randy MacEwan about the companies recent achievment and its future development goals.

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Highview technology enters NYC ecosystem

12 January 2017By

Highview Power Storage, a developer of large-scale energy storage solutions that uses cryogenic liquids, has entered its energy storage system into the New York energy ecosystem.

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FuelCell Energy announces operation of fuel cell plant in California

10 January 2017By

FuelCell Energy, Inc., has announced the commercial operation of a megawatt-class combined heat and power (CHP) fuel cell plant located at Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, California.

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FuelCell Energy announces new project with E.ON

10 November 2016By

FuelCell Energy Inc. has announced on behalf of FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH, the sale of a fuel cell power plant to E.ON Connecting Energies GmbH (E.ON) as part of a collaborative joint business approach.

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CNG – A growing market for the industrial gas space

1 November 2016By Maura D. Garvey

Today, natural gas powers about 150,000 vehicles in the United States and roughly 15.2 million vehicles worldwide. Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are good choices for high-mileage, centrally fueled fleets and can be powered with compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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