The Plains report


Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota in focus with gasworld Business Intelligence.


The US South West report


The industrial gas market of the US South West is the second-largest out of the eight regions of the country, just being eclipsed by the sprawling market of the neighboring South East region.

On-trend- Recovery and reclamation of refrigerant gases

On-trend: Recovery and reclamation of refrigerant gases

2018-05-02T10:33:00+01:00By , published in gasworld magazine

Like vehicle emissions, one of the most commonly acknowledged or understood areas of environmental concern surrounds fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases). It’s become something of a buzz term in the wider specialty gases and chemicals business in recent years.

rocky mountains

Regional markets – Focus on North America

2018-05-02T10:06:00+01:00By , published in gasworld magazine

The three largest markets in the North America region are the US, Canada and Mexico, with these three markets generating around $23bn of industrial gas revenues in 2016, up from just over $22bn in 2015, writes Rob Cockerill.


Carbon dioxide sourcing from ethanol

2018-05-02T08:00:00+01:00By Sam A Rushing

Carbon dioxide (CO2) by-product from ethanol dominates the sourcing map in the US compared to other source types, where next in line includes sources from ammonia and natural CO2 gas/pipeline facilities, writes Sam A. Rushing.


Turbo Containers approved in the US

2018-04-30T15:11:00+01:00By John Palmer

Air Flow North America has received approval to operate its new Turbo Containers in the US for the first time.

Versum go

Versum Materials Opens New Research Facility

2018-04-23T14:23:00+01:00By John Palmer

Versum Materials, Inc., a Temp-Arizona based materials supplier to the semiconductor industry, has announced the grand opening of its new research and development (R&D) facility at its semiconductor materials manufacturing site in Hometown, Pennsylvania.

Gm5 k at well 5

Essentials of gas sampling calibration

2018-04-18T14:51:00+01:00By John Palmer

Proper equipment calibration essential to ensure sample accuracy and equipment reliability, reduce equipment downtime, and eliminate safety risks.

040418 robotic mshr

Robotics add 3-D component to mass spectrometers

2018-04-05T15:43:00+01:00By John Palmer

If you think that the evolution of 3-D printing makes it creepy to watch objects being made by a computer printer, just wait until it starts solving crimes through forensic science.

Earlbeck wins welding excellence award

Earlbeck wins welding excellence award

2018-04-04T09:01:00+01:00By John Palmer

Earlbeck Gases & Technologies has been selected as the winner of the 2017 Excellence in Welding Award recipient in the Educational Facility category from the American Welding Society (AWS) and WEMCO, an association of welding manufacturers. The awards were announced last November at the FABTECH conference in Chicago.

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