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Benefits of FTIR gas analysis for smoke toxicity measurements


Thermo Fisher Scientific highlighted how understanding the chemical and physical properties of materials during combustion leads to improved materials and better public safety standards in a recent webinar.

HPG MR5 regulator

Harris offers compact single-stage regulators for specialty gases


Harris Products Group is offering its compact single-stage diaphragm gas regulators for portable calibration and analyser applications involving complex gases.


Mansmann to retire from IWDC


Rich Mansmann will retire from his role as Vice-President of Gas Programmes at the IWDC cooperative on 1st July.

Zach Promotion Announcement

AWG promotes Schadek to Vice-President of Specialty Gas Sales


American Welding & Gas, Inc. (AWG), one of the largest independent gas and welding supplies distributors in the US, has promoted Zach Schadek to Vice-President of Specialty Gas Sales for AWG.


Arcline Investment Management invests in PDC Machines


PDC Machines, Inc., in partnership with the founding Afzal family, has secured investment from Arcline Investment Management, a growth-oriented private equity firm.


Stronger together, but retaining independence


If you are concerned about the succession of your business, the uncertain economic outlook or the possibility of rising taxes under the new administration, then Meritus Gas Partners believes it can help.


Middlesex Gases invests in new specialty gas lab

2021-03-01T15:04:00+00:00By Agnes Baker

Middlesex Gases, with headquarters in Everett, Massachusetts, supplies medical, biotechnology and life science companies throughout New England with specialty gases and customised solutions. Serving this unique and fast growing market requires constant attention and Middlesex Gases is continually developing ways to meet the ever evolving demands of its specialty gas ...