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What’s driving growth in specialty gases in 2017?

1 February 2017By Simon Augustus, published in gasworld magazine

2016 saw huge opportunities for the specialty gases industry. Traditional markets – particularly North America – have remained the top consumers of industrial gases. However, in recent years we have seen newer markets, including Asia and Southeast Asia, grow in importance.

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Tenacity in calibration gases

1 February 2017By , published in gasworld magazine

Rob Cockerill talks all things calibration gas-related with Gasco President Brad Hanway.

Dr Paul Stockman, Linde Electronics

Nitrous oxide – Not a laughing matter in electronics manufacture

1 February 2017By Dr. Paul Stockman, published in gasworld magazine

Nitrous oxide (N2O), often referred to as laughing gas, is used in the high-tech thin film industries of semiconductor and LCD display manufacturing. Where the electronics manufacturing market is concerned, N2O is clearly no laughing matter.

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The refrigerants phasedown

1 February 2017By Ken Logan, published in gasworld magazine

A-Gas Group Commercial Business Development Director Ken Logan provides an update on how the global phasedown of HFCs is influencing the industry in Australia.

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In focus...Refrigerant gases

1 February 2017By , published in gasworld magazine

When the freshly-revised fluorinated gas (F-gas) regulation came into force two years ago, it really put the pressure on those in the refrigerant business to switch to more environmentally-friendly alternatives – with its impact being widely felt by those in the sector today.

Health and safety quality control compliance

AMETEK Borescope obtains CSA certification

25 January 2017By

AMETEK Land has secured CSA certification for its Near Infrared Borescope (NIR-B) 3XR for use in hazardous locations in the US and Canada.

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Tech Air acquires GASCO in 20th add-on

19 January 2017By

Tech Air has announced that it has acquired Florida-based Gasco Affiliates LLC (GASCO), a producer of speciality gases.

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Versum Materials installs 200th refill system

9 January 2017By

The Delivery Systems and Services Group (DS&S) of Versum Materials, Inc. has sold and commissioned its 200th CHEMGUARD® Gen. III Refill System.

Tiger Optics Aloha analyzer, Q4 SGR 2016

Tiger Optics helps enable The Internet of Things

4 January 2017By published in Specialty Gas Report

The era called The Internet of Things (IoT) began almost eight years ago, according to Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group, which defines it as a period when humans are outnumbered by physical devices connecting to the Internet. Unquestionably, the proliferation of such devices is exponential.

VUV Analytics, SVGA 100, Q4 SGR 2016

VUV detector simplifies streaming gas analysis

4 January 2017By published in Specialty Gas Report

Gas purity analysis is an important aspect of bulk and specialty gas production, and affects a number of industries including petrochemical, biotech, and electronics manufacture. Understanding the concentration of gases in a mixture and monitoring for the introduction of impurities has often required the use of complex separation and multiple ...

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