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Servomex awarded two CQC contracts by Micron


Gas analyst specialist Servomex has been selected for two major Continuous Quality Control (CQC) contracts by Micron Tech, a US-based semiconductor company specialising in computer memory and data storage.

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Maintaining stability in the US specialty gases market

2020-09-01T10:15:00+01:00By Scott Anderson

What are the challenges and opportunities in the North American specialty gas containment industry, and what impact has the pandemic had?


Red Ball Oxygen appoints Vice-President


Red Ball Oxygen has appointed Mark Patten as its Vice-President of Technical Gas Services (TGS).


PurityPlus® update

2020-08-03T05:00:00+01:00By Rich Mansmann

As IWDC’s specialty gas program enters its second decade, PurityPlus continues construction of a strong house resting on a well-planned and well-built foundation. More than 15 years ago, several influential IWDC (Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative) members and the staff organised a series of meetings to explore growth initiatives.

An eCommerce Strategy for Distributors

DIY marketing

2020-08-03T05:00:00+01:00By Gayle Smith

Marketing is often misunderstood. To many it looks like an insurmountable mountain to climb with every possible view increasing in size, depth, the manpower to accomplish it.


A life in the specialty gas industry


In the early days of SGD Inc., winters were difficult for its founder and sole employee Frank Scornavacca. “I started SGD in my garage in New Jersey, and for two years I worked in that garage,” Scornavacca told gasworld. “It was pretty cold in the winter I can tell you, ...

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A leap of faith

2020-08-03T05:00:00+01:00By Ray Borzio

So, you want to manufacture and sell high purity specialty gases. You can make the case that you have all the resources you need to accomplish that. You have a liquid source of the raw materials, filling equipment, customers, and a desire to increase your sales and profitability of this ...