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Particle accelerator

Portable particle accelerators

2020-03-02T06:00:00+00:00By Agnes H. Baker

Fermilab, America’s premier laboratory for particle physics and accelerator research, is in the process of bringing the world together to discover the role neutrinos play in the universe. More than 1,000 scientists from over 30 countries are building the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), hosted by Fermilab.


Consolidated Sciences


Consolidated Sciences, otherwise known as CONSCI, is a privately held company that began in a garage in 1984. With only a mass spectrometer, a rebuilt gas chromatography/mass spectrometer, and a liquid chromatograph, CONSCI’s Founder and CEO Bill Geiger characterized over 16 refinery streams for carcinogens and carcinogen precursors for the ...

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IWDC Purity Plus Annual Meeting: Day two


Yesterday, Food Packing, CBD Extraction and Cryo-Bio were the main talking points here at the Wild Dunes Resort in South Carolina.

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IWDC PurityPlus Annual Meeting starts tomorrow


Members, industry experts and approved vendors of the IWDC PurityPlus® programme are beginning to gather at the Wild Dunes Resort in the Isle of Palms, South Carolina, for the IWDC PurityPlus Annual Meeting, which starts tomorrow.

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IWDC Annual PurityPlus® Annual Meeting preview

2020-01-03T06:00:00+00:00By Erica Janas

Members, industry experts and approved vendors of the IWDC PurityPlus® program will converge at the Wild Dunes Resort in beautiful Isle of Palms, South Carolina for the Annual PurityPlus® Meeting on February 4-6.

13th Dec - Gas Innovations

2019 in Review: Gas Innovations


Ashley Madray, Vice-President of Gas Innovations, says one of the company’s greatest achievements of 2019 includes the acquisition and related deliveries of large sums of cryogenic hydrocarbons, ethane, ethylene and methane (LNG).

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Iwatani acquires Advanced Specialty Gases


Iwatani Corporation of America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iwatani Corporation, has acquired Advanced Speciality Gases.