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Cryogenic liquid nitrogen in laboratory

Cryoport in China cell shipment deal

18 January 2017By

Cryogenic logistics company Cryoport, Inc. has signed a deal with ProMab Biotechnologies to transport its immune-therapeutic alternatives for cancer treatment throughout China.

  • helium liquefiers refrigeration January 2017

    Helium recovery, recycling and purification

    4 January 2017By , published in gasworld magazine

    The helium story began in 1868 when French astronomer Pierre Jules Cesar Janssen noticed a yellow line in the sun’s spectrum whilst studying a total solar eclipse. The story goes that the English astronomer Sir Norman Lockyer identified this line could not have been produced by any known element at ...

  • south korea flag

    Regional markets – Focus on North Pacific Rim

    7 December 2016By , published in gasworld magazine

    Fluctuations in China’s economy have been making headlines in the North Pacific Rim region – and the wider world – for much of 2016, such is the significance of its prosperity both locally and globally. Once rampant growth has throttled back as China’s economic activity has ebbed. Growth in 2015 ...

  • victor leung

    Taiwan Safety Seminar review

    2 November 2016By Victor Leung, published in gasworld magazine

    The International Conference Hall of the National Taipei University of Technology was packed with more than 250 delegates from industrial gas companies, institutions and government departments on 6th September (2016) to listen to seven speakers from the international majors sharing their expertise and experience in the process safety management of ...

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