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Deal inked for liquid hydrogen shipping

12 January 2017By

Australia and Japan have inked a deal to ship liquid hydrogen (H2) in bulk for the first time.

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    The refrigerants phasedown

    1 February 2017By Ken Logan, published in gasworld magazine

    A-Gas Group Commercial Business Development Director Ken Logan provides an update on how the global phasedown of HFCs is influencing the industry in Australia.

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    Regional markets – Focus on South East Asia

    2 November 2016By , published in gasworld magazine

    A mixed outlook has prevailed in South East Asia in recent years, as undoubted growth prospects have been visibly tempered by an uncharacteristically volatile economic landscape in China and the many splintered effects of this on global markets such as commodities.

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    South East Asia: Home to the new Silicon Valleys?

    31 October 2016By

    The global electronics business continues to grow and evolve, and the traditional home to this evolution has been San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. But with the rapid emergence of the Tiger Economies in South East Asia and the many advantages these markets offer, this tradition is being challenged by a new ...

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