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  • copyright coldjet the pr120 h dry ice pelletiser2

    Cold Jet – A reinvigorated force in dry ice production


    Back in 1986, Cold Jet officially opened its doors in Loveland, Ohio, with just 25 employees, a single production facility, and the desire to “turn a great idea into an even better product.” Fast forward 30 years and the dry ice innovator has amassed collective global facilities, a well-established product ...

  • calvera

    Calvera Group – Diversifying its divisions


    When the Calvera Group was founded over six decades ago in Zaragoza, Spain, its aim was to provide the most efficient transport and storage solutions for compressed, high-pressure gases. 

  • small scale lng technologies baker hughes

    In focus...Small-scale LNG technologies


    Big isn’t always better’ and ‘good things come in small packages.’ These familiar sayings could be applied to the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector, where small-scale LNG technologies are both big business and often an optimal solution that allows for quicker speed to market.

  • CO2 recovery

    CO2 recovery


    gas world spoke to CO2 recovery plant pioneer ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD about its technology capacity, infrastructure dilemmas and whether or not the idea of ‘green’ CO2 is perhaps a step too far for the gases sector right now.

  • Mario Paterlini CEO of the Sapio Group

    10 minutes with...Mario Paterlini


    Take 10 minutes out with Mario Paterlini, CEO of the Sapio Group, as he gives an introduction to Sapio and his observations on the topics trending in the company’s native Italian gases market.

  • aldo fumagalli romario, sol group s.p.a

    10 minutes with...Aldo Fumagalli Romario


    Take 10 minutes out with Aldo Fumagalli Romario, President of SOL Group S.p.A, as he talks all things SOL Group and the key trends in the Italian gases market.

  • utengas

    Utengas – Doubling the capacity


    Nestled in the heart of Bergamo’s manufacturing district lies Utengas Srl, an Italian outfit that takes care of the cylinder supply chain from start to finish. Founded in 1978, the company operates out of a single facility in Comun Nuovo township.

  • liquid nitrogen

    In focus...Life sciences and cryobiology


    It’s a budding industry that has opened up a wide range of applications for companies within the industrial gas industry, so what exactly is cryobiology?

  • vivisol

    A healthcare sector on the mend


    The contraction of the Iberian gases healthcare market has been evident over the past five years. 2012 saw two major Tier One takeovers in the field; Air Liquide bought Gasmedi, the second-largest player in the market, and The Linde Group purchased Air Products’ Continental-European homecare business, a company that played ...

  • Low temperature oxyfuel installed[13]

    Afrox evolves oxyfuel solutions


    Afrox is evolving and refining its technologies to increase productivity and limit emissions in the aluminium process chain.