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  • Dohmeyer Tonnel

    Calls to action in cryogenics


    Beyond the wealth of external growth drivers for the cryogenics business, writes Rob Cockerill, there are also calls to action for the industry to step up and realise its own internal drivers and value creation, according to Dohmeyer’s Fabian Van Damme.

  • Tim Lowrey

    10 minutes with… Tim Lowrey


    Take 10 minutes out with Tim Lowrey, Co-Founder/VP of Sales at ACT, as he discusses how ACT is responding to coronavirus, what growth drivers he is seeing and the biggest opportunity for ACT in the next five years.

  • AP-03

    Exclusive: Why asset tracking comes into its own during a pandemic


    It may be already be a challenging and unprecedented year, but 2020 is also a milestone year for software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions innovator TrackAbout.

  • PSA oxygen generators in the hospital – October 2014

    Oxygen: New Oxygen 98 monograph to be considered


    The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicine and Healthcare (EDQM) has revealed that it is launching an extraordinary public consultation on how best to include oxygen at 98% purity obtained via two-stage concentrators in European Pharmacopoeia.

  • Cylinders Holding TILES EDITORIAL-03

    Exclusive: Oxygen demand up to 40 times greater than usual


    “Quite frankly, we have never seen such a high requirement and demand for oxygen cylinders,” says Martin Litvik, Commercial Director at Cylinders Holding a.s., in an exclusive interview with gas world.

  • pakistan flag

    Pakistan private company develops oxygen splitter device


    After it emerged earlier this week that personnel from a Naval Dockyard in Andhra Pradesh, India had been inspired to get creative with how medical oxygen is being administered against the backdrop of continuing Covid-19 spread, a similar story has arisen from neighbouring Pakistan.

  • Aquaculture under the sea co2 storage

    Singapore exploring acceleration in aquaculture as nation looks to local food future


    Aquaculture is again in focus in Singapore as the country prepares to scale up local food production against a backdrop of coronavirus-driven disruptions to global supply chains.

  • malaysian-flag-1439149_960_720

    Sabah Oxygen approved to operate under Malaysian MCO


    Hospitals in the Malaysian state of Sabah have been assured of sufficient oxygen supply to cope with Covid-19 after Sabah Oxygen Sdn Bhd – the state’s sole supplier – was granted federal approval to operate during the country’s current Movement Control Order (MCO).

  • oxygen mask medical hospital

    India: industrial oxygen to be used as medical gas


    The Government of India has granted permission for manufacturers of industrial oxygen to manufacture and sell the gas for medical use, as the country continues to anticipate an escalation in its cases of coronavirus and resulting hospital admissions.

  • India map

    Anticipated oxygen demand drives cylinder adaptation


    The continued outbreak of Covid-19 in India has driven personnel from a Naval Dockyard in Andhra Pradesh to get creative with how medical oxygen is being administered.

  • Medical oxygen – October 2015

    India focusing on smooth oxygen delivery


    India’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has directed all state governments to ensure a smooth and hassle-free supply of medical oxygen across the country as its confirmed cases of Covid-19 continue to rise.

  • Vietnam national flag waving in the blue sky realistic 3d illustration

    Vietnam ventilator production to expand as country prepares for lockdown


    Private business conglomerate Vingroup, one of the largest private manufacturing companies in Vietnam, is to start producing oxygen ventilators to support coronavirus patients across the country.

  • breaking news

    Coronavirus: Global update


    Updates from gasworld on the spread of coronavirus around the world, the restrictions placed on travel and trade, events status, and notable industry impacts.

  • beehive-up-close2

    Additive manufacturing: Explained


    It was one of the hottest new applications for the gases industry prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 and it will remain so once the pandemic has passed, so what is additive manufacturing?

  • HP2

    The sweet spot in cylinders


    Cylinder design and manufacturing technology has evolved dramatically to support new markets and market demands over the years, and diversified metals manufacturing company Worthington has been at the forefront of innovating gas and liquid containment.

  • EDITED_shutterstock_1625951248



    The story of 2020 is undoubtedly the outbreak of coronavirus, or Covid-19 to give its technical name. At the time of writing, the hard-to-detect virus has gone from engulfing China and the wider Asia region to spreading out all across the globe, with the number of fatalities worldwide now totalling ...

  • EGE

    10 minutes with… Eduardo Gil Elejoste


    Take 10 minutes out with Eduardo Gil Elejoste, President of Nippon Gases Europe, as he discusses Nippon Gases Europe’s first year in business, his industry background and what growth opportunities he sees in Europe.

  • DESIGN_OxygenShortageHT3_GWTile-Medical Oxygen2 copy

    Hot topic: Opening the door to onsite oxygen


    Oxygen is on the frontline and in hot demand. Medical oxygen is being used in its most critical form in treating coronavirus patients, drawing attention to its supply chain and delivery, usually in bulk or cylinder form. Here, gasworld explores a third way in oxygen supply – onsite oxygen generation. ...

  • DESIGN_OxygenShortage_GWTile-Medical Oxygen2

    Hot topic: Understanding medical oxygen


    At a time when the world is quite literally gripped by the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) and healthcare systems all over the world are pushed to their limits, there has arguably never been such spotlight placed on medical oxygen supply.

  • DESIGN_OxygenShortage_GWTile-Medical Oxygen

    Hot topic: Oxygen supply shortage?


    With reports swirling around the availability of oxygen supply during these difficult times of continued coronavirus outbreak, gas world sheds light on what the actual supply situation is with oxygen in Europe.