The Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA) will stage the Silane Safety Seminar in Singopore in November, the second such event organised by the association and a fundamental conference for regulatory and safety personnel and all users of silane.

A one and a half-day programme, the seminar will involve participation from leading experts in the industry and includes discussion and workshops.

Considerable study has been conducted over the years to better understand the properties and behaviour of the electronics specialty gas, with a number of standards developed and introduced to further control the hazards that come with the use of silane. To help educate gas suppliers, users and the regulatory community on the studies and standards, a number of silane technical symposiums have taken place in Europe and the US since the 1990’s.

AIGA recognises the importance of a similar education programme for users of the pyrophoric gas in Asia, especially since silane’s use has increased significantly in recent years in the region.

Together with the Taiwan High Pressure Gas Industry Association, AIGA organised the first silane safety seminar in Asia in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 2006.

The Silane Safety Seminar 2007 is the second such event and targeted for audience in the South East Asian region, taking place at the Singapore Management University Conference Hall, Singapore on 1st & 2nd November.