Plug Power has highlighted that it has realised a second consecutive quarter of record revenue.

More than $30m of revenue was earned in the third quarter of 2015, gained through accelerated fuel cell and hydrogen infrastructure shipments and installations. Additionally, the company remains on track to attain 2015 financial targets.

“Our business growth continues at a regular cadence of customer adoption and commissioning. Plug Power is again recognising a record revenue quarter that falls right in line with our established goals,” said Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power.

“Every day we receive positive feedback from customers who use our products to save money and improve productivity, and this really drives the innovation and pride within our doors.”

Plug Power maintains its 2015 forecast of total sales in excess of $100m, comprising sales of more than 3,300 GenDrive units and construction of more than 15 GenFuel hydrogen storage and dispensing infrastructures. The company projects bookings of more than $200m in 2015, with approximately 75% coming from repeat customers.

Full details will be discussed when the company announces its third quarter earnings in early November.