A unit of energy giant Shell has opened the 30th liquefied natural gas (LNG) refuelling station in Germany, helping to meet the ever-increasing demand for LNG in the country.

Capable of supplying up to 200 LNG-powered trucks per day, the station – based in Barbin, Bavaria – will strengthen supply of the fuel in the region. 

With Germany already home to the world’s second largest bio-LNG production plant, Shell is taking the low carbon fuel one step further by building the world’s largest plant of its kind at its Rheinland refinery near Cologne. 

Once operations begin next year, the facility will boast a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of bio-LNG per year, enough to supply the green fuel to 4000-5000 LNG-powered trucks annually. 

In addition to fulfilling domestic heavy transport needs, Germany’s focus on LNG/bio-LNG comes amidst the ongoing supply disruption initiated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this year. 

Having been reliant on Russian LNG for over a third of its supply, Germany has sought to increase its energy security through various long-term supply contracts with countries such as the US.

According to agency NGVA Europe, Germany currently leads the way for LNG filling in Europe with 134 LNG filling stations for trucks.