AMCS Corporation has entered into a contract to supply a customised ULTRA O-60™ Air Separation Unit (ASU) to Cristal Pigment Australia Ltd in Bunbury, Western Australia.

The plant is designed to the current state-of-the-art in oxygen plant technology with superior performance, high levels of automation, and flexible operation. The ASU is designed to supply gaseous oxygen (GOX) for Cristal’s TiO2 facility.

AMCS’ plants are engineered using high quality components with a proven track record and years of reliable operation in industrial gases plant settings. The ULTRA-O™ plant design is highly packaged, significantly reducing field installation time and costs.

Cristal will be able to monitor and operate this highly automated plant remotely with minimal manning and operator intervention, significantly reducing operating costs.

AMCS is supplying the plant on a turn-key basis, and, after completion, AMCS plans to remotely monitor the plant and support Cristal in future operations.

“We are delighted for the opportunity to work with an innovative and forward looking global client like Cristal. Over the past few months, we have worked closely with Cristal’s engineering and commercial team to develop a plant supply solution that met the specific needs for their operation in Australia. The highly automated features of the ULTRA-O™ plant and our ULTRA-Sentry™ remote plant support system allow our customers to realise the operating cost savings and flexibility gained from owning an industrial gas plant, while overcoming the technical support and manning concerns that have made the plant ownership option less attractive in the past,” said Ishmael Chalabi, president of AMCS Corporation.

AMCS is a leading global supplier of industrial gases and process plants, providing technology, equipment, and engineering services. AMCS’ team is comprised of a diverse and experienced group of engineering professionals and technologists with extensive experience in the air separation, hydrogen, syngas, and natural gas industries.

Collectively, the professional team holds many key technology patents and its members are recognised industry experts in process design, adsorption technologies and mechanical design. AMCS’ global customer list includes clients from the chemicals, environmental, electronics, pharmaceuticals, glass, and metals market sectors. Along with plants producing oxygen, nitrogen, argon, neon, helium, krypton, and xenon, AMCS supplies plants for high-purity electronic gas production, liquefied natural gas production, gas processing applications and shipboard process plants. As a full service technology company, AMCS has successfully executed projects in North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and the Far East.