JC Carter has successfully concluded preliminary trials in Australia and is continuing field tests there of about half a dozen 400-gallon-per-minute (gpm) LNG nozzles.

“This is the first quick-disconnect high-flow nozzle in the industry,” says sales director Sam Safi. “It’s a game-changer.”

The new product, a larger version of the company’s 50-gpm “IceBreaker” nozzle for liquefied natural gas fueling, allows a 10,000-gallon tanker trailer to be filled and on its way in about the time it currently takes to connect and disconnect today’s flange-type connectors, Safi says.

The product is to go on regular sale in mid 2013. It will speed the dispatch of LNG tanker trucks, Safi told HHP Insight, and is also intended for fueling LNG-powered ships, locomotives, and mining vehicles (HHP Insight, February 22, 2012).

Safety Is Paramount

“The nozzle performed excellently with the first field trial and it’s currently in extended field trials,” Safi says. “We want to be 110% sure this thing is safe before we take it to market.”

The trials are taking place in Victoria, eastern Australia, he says.