Since 2007, gasworld has taken its conferences to four different continents, and provided over 1000 industrial gas professionals with new insight into market trends, emerging applications, strategies for the future, and M&A activity.

Despite gasworld making waves in some of the world’s most exciting and promising markets for our industry, there is one market which remains untouched – the biggest market of them all.

In December 2012, gasworld will take its popular conference programme to Miami, Florida, to hold its tenth event focused on the world’s largest industrial gas market, North America. North America has an estimated value of $20bn for industrial gases and an additional $5-10bn for equipment sales associated with our industry – a colossal amount.

To put it this into perspective, if the industrial gas markets of Japan, India, and China were all combined, they still wouldn’t be as large.

It’s no surprise then, that this event is expected to attract over 200 key decision makers from North America and beyond, making it by far gasworld’s largest conference to date.

The topic for this conference is the future; what will the North American market look like in eight years’ time? How will the dynamics have changed? These are the questions that prominent speakers from some of the country’s largest gas and equipment companies - as well as speakers operating outside of our industry with an interest in industrial gas supply - will be addressing this December.

The changing dynamics

Historically, the North American market has been dominated by the major gas producers, managing big onsites and therefore taking care of the bulk business in the region.

The distributors have concerned themselves with other supply methods, and gasworld believes there are currently 800-900 distributors operating in the cylinder business.

So why a change in dynamics?

Continually, distributors are finding inefficiencies in the supply chain; cylinders in the US for example have a lower operating pressure than Europe’s, which means a lot more metal is being trucked.

These rising distribution costs, combined with a hike in production costs, means we are now seeing distributors moving out of the welding and equipment businesses and into the gas producers’ sphere, to manufacturer bulk specialty and medical gases.

This will inevitably lead to a re-defining of the gas business structure in the region – this is a market in a state of flux, and gasworld believes that by 2020 we will be looking at a very different set-up in the US. How will this be achieved and what challenges will distributors and gas companies have to face? This is the purpose and aim of the conference in Miami this December.

Global hot topics

Aside from the changing dynamics in terms of the product and service offerings of US gas distributors and producers, there are several other aspects of the global industrial gas business which will be addressed in Miami.

A topic on the lips of industrial gas professionals the world over, is helium. Continually we are seeing new ideas and innovative technologies related to the supply of helium worldwide, and for this conference, gasworld is privileged to welcome MATHESON’s Phil Kornbluth to the stage in Miami, who will give a presentation entitled, ‘Helium Market Outlook - 2012-2020’.

Miami Conference Delegates Sposorship


Through presentations from top industry professionals, gasworld endeavours to enlighten industrial gas professionals on how they can reap the rewards presented to them, courtesy of the industries which were once far removed from ours, but which now form an integral part of new business prospects. What role will LNG be playing in our business in eight years’ time for example?

In January of this year, French equipment manufacturer Cryostar told gasworld it expected 50% of its revenues for 2012 to come from its LNG business. It stands to reason then, that by 2020 our business will have changed dramatically in terms of the markets we supply. Speakers from both the LNG industry and our own will discuss the supply chain for this gas in North America, and the opportunities available to us.

The agenda will also see comment on other areas in which our business can reap reward, like shale gas and biofuels.

A gas conference wouldn’t be complete without comment from our customers. The Miami agenda features a presentation on the chemicals sector, as well as Coca-Cola’s Global Procurement Director, Brent Pickering, who will give a presentation focusing on the supply of gas to the beverage industry.

Don’t miss out

This event is for industry leaders and decision makers within the gases community – specifically the CEOs of small, medium and large distributors, senior executives from the large industrial gas producers, but also from those medium-sized gas producers that aspire for further growth and differentiation.

gasworld also anticipates senior buyers of gases from mainstream end-users to attend, to hear how our industry is evolving to meet their future needs, as well as gas equipment manufacturers; essentially all stakeholders in the future of the gases business within the region.

The event presents significant opportunities to not only hear from leading figures from the industrial gas community, but to learn about market trends, operational efficiencies that have a positive impact on the ‘bottom line’, drivers for growth in our industry, and how to ‘change’ to meet the needs for 2020.