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    Google, NIST to drive semiconductor developments with new agreement


    Google has joined forces with the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to help drive new nanotechnology and semiconductor device innovations.

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    Calibration gases: Why you need to get it right


    Molly Burgess speaks to Global Calibration Gases and ILMO Products to discuss the intricacy in the niche sector and the vital role these mixtures play in the industrial gases market.

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    President Biden signs $52bn CHIPS Act into law


    President Joe Biden has signed the ‘historic’ $52bn CHIPS Act into law to place the US as a forerunner in the semiconductor market and revitalise domestic manufacturing.

  • Circuit board, electronics, semiconductors

    Senate passes $52bn CHIPS Act


    Things are looking up for the US semiconductor market, with the US Senate on Wednesday (27th July) passing the ‘historic’ $52bn CHIPS Act that is set to support the evolving sector.

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    Senate advances $52bn CHIPS Act


    The US semiconductor market is one step closer to receiving a major boost, with the US Senate on Tuesday (26th July) voting 64-32 to advance the $52bn CHIPS Act.

  • Atlas copco

    Atlas Copco completes Ceres Technologies acquisition


    Atlas Copco has completed the previously announced acquisition of Ceres Technologies, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and designer of gas and vapour delivery equipment for the semiconductor industry.

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    SEMI applauds Senate progress on CHIPS Act


    SEMI, the industry association serving the global electronics design and manufacturing supply chain, has publicly applauded progress in the US Senate on a robust package of federal incentives for the semiconductor supply chain.

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    Seven decades driving gas analysis: Servomex at 70


    “We’ve got some really exciting things on the horizon. I can’t say too much but we’re really looking forward to the next few months and some game-changing technology,” explains Servomex President Andy Cowan, in an exclusive interview with gasworld’s Rob Cockerill to mark the company’s 70th anniversary.

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    Building a bright workforce


    Cyl-Tec shines a light on its all-new training center as it looks to support labor shortages and build a brighter future for industry

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    Semiconductor design centre plans unveiled for the Midwest amidst rising market pressures


    Amidst rising demands in the US semiconductor market and pressures building on Congress to fund the $52bn CHIPS Act, plans have been announced for the Midwest’s first chip design centre.

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    Wright Brothers appoints new CEO


    Wright Brothers has appointed Jeremy Ramage as its new CEO.

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    Helium and rare gas concerns are real: 2022 CMC Conference recap


    On April 28-29, TECHCET, the electronic materials advisory firm providing business and technology information, held its highly successful and well-attended 2022 7th Annual Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference in Chandler, AZ.

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    Carbon-free helium, geopolitical-free helium


    An interview with Noble Helium and a discussion of the future unfodling in the global helium business, by Rob Cockerill. 

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    Exclusive: US semi market at major risk


    There’s no doubt about it, the US semiconductor industry is now witnessing unprecedented demands; but it’s not just the chip manufacturers that are feeling the heat, the specialty gas supply chain as a whole is needing support like never before.

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    Pfeiffer Vacuum opens leak detection and vacuum technology facility in Indiana


    Pfeiffer Vacuum has opened a brand-new 40,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, to better serve its North American customer base in the leak detection and high-vacuum technology space.

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    CVD Equipment reports Q1 2022 results


    Chemical vapor deposition and materials provider CVD Equipment Corporation has reported its first quarter (Q1) 2022 results, with revenue of $4.7m.

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    The recent developments and challenges in electronic specialty gases


    The semiconductor industry had a record year in 2021 as the continued challenges of Covid-19 had a large impact on the ways that we work, shop, attend school and entertain ourselves. All of these changes have a positive impact on semiconductor demand as they drive demand for the electronic devices ...

  • Argon

    A key challenge to reducing argon costs


    Many common manufacturing processes in metals, aerospace, automotive, medical, silicon, and a range of other industries require an inert environment and use argon to achieve it. The argon used in these processes is very pure, usually 4N or 5N purity (99.99% to 99.999%). At the outlet of the process, the ...


    The impact on rare gases due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine


    As you most likely are aware, the rare gases krypton, xenon, and neon are by-products of very large air separation plants (ASU). These ASU’s are almost all attached to steel mills. With this said, adding capacity quickly is not realistic. It takes 1-3 years to add capacity and can only ...

  • Nickel plating of pipeline components, opyright Houston Plating & Coatings LLC

    Transformational process offers nickel-plated cylinders at scale


    With the planned investment in new wafer fabs in the Midwest and Southwestern US, it is likely that there will be an increase in the demand for electronic specialty gas cylinders to support the expanded market. Many of the cylinders used for specialty gases have been nickel-plated to preserve the ...