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  • Reformation in refrigerants - February 2015

    Reformation in refrigerants – F-Gases, the MAC Directive and the future


    Despite intensive and ever enlarging demand, driven in particular by developing economies, the future of the refrigerant gases sector is precariously balanced between efficacy and environmental impact.

  • Fertiliser ammonia

    Strong projections for global ammonia capacity


    Global ammonia capacity will experience considerable growth in the next three years, increasing from 204.2 million metric tons per year (tpy) in 2013 to 249.4 million tpy by 2018, according to a new report from GlobalData.

  • Specialty gases laboratory

    Linde boosts ultra-high purity nitrogen supply


    The boost in supply is to the ever-growing amount of semiconductor customers in Oregon and Washington with the addition increasing the company’s ability to meet rapidly growing demand.

  • Laboratory specialty gases

    Air Products highlighting specialty offerings


    Air Products will feature its range of advanced gas technologies and services for a variety of chemical applications at Specialty Agro Chemicals America 2014 in Charleston, South Carolina, from September 8th to 10th.

  • Semi-gas

    SEMI-GAS® broadens gas mixing capabilities


    The new options include system auto-purging and a dynamic stream gas analyser to facilitate the blending of highly corrosive gases into gas mixtures, as needed in semiconductor and microelectronics fabrication processes.

  • Electronic chip

    Linde presents global supplier performance awards


    Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation and Linggas Limited recognised for exceptional performance in quality, safety, delivery and technology.

  • July 2014 SF2 Image 1

    Automation in compressed gases


    Ric Boyd, President of Cryovation, LLC, explores the journey to automation in the compressed gases business and how automated controls have become more widespread throughout the industry over the last 30 years.

  • Safety risk

    Compliance – Crisis management planning


    The products provided by the gases industry find their way into virtually every aspect of our lives. From the electronics industry to steel manufacturing and fabrication, petrochemical production, and food production and healthcare industries all depend on a reliable source of gases to operate their business.

  • GAWDA November 2013

    Continuous innovation in focus in Florida


    The GAWDA 2013 Annual Convention drew together vendors and distributors of gases and welding equipment from across the country to meet, have fun, and share ideas.

  • Laboratory techician

    Progress in science and analysis – Gulf Coast Conference 2013


    Reflecting the industry’s developments and progress in chemical analysis, the Gulf Coast Conference 2013 was held on October 15 16 at the Moody Gardens Convention Center in Galveston, Texas.

  • Building Your Core – Distributors Exercise Increasing Strength in US Core Specialty Gases Market

    Building Your Core - Distributors Exercise Increasing Strength in US Core Specialty Gases Market


    We define core specialty gases as all specialty gases except those sold into the electronics industries, but including specialty gas products sold into the medical market. In “The Next Big Deal for Specialty Gases” ( CryoGas, February 2013, p. 26 ), Thomas Badstubner describes how the specialty gas industry has ...

  • Gas Product Profile – Disilane Si2H6

    Gas Product Profile - Disilane Si2H6


      The current proliferation of electronic devices, including smart phones, music players, tablets, and cameras has created a huge demand for semiconductor memory chips. New and more complex applications and functionality for many of these devices is adding to that demand.

  • The Next “Big Deal” for Specialty Gases

    The Next “Big Deal” for Specialty Gases


    The specialty gas industry is about 50 years old. During that time, there has been rapid innovation in production processes, instrumentation, cylinders, valves, distribution, and engineering. For example, Ultra High Purity (UHP, Grade 5.0) gases used to be produced in a handful of locations around the world. 

  • Drug Discovery Advances Inextricably Linked to Specialty Gases

    Drug Discovery Advances Inextricably Linked to Specialty Gases


    The development and commercialization of new medical drugs is a complex and costly process and the pharmaceutical industry continues to demand ever more advanced products. The process of drug discovery revolves around identifying one molecule among millions of candidate molecules, followed by synthesis, characterization, screening, and assays for therapeutic efficacy. ...

  • Refrigerant Gases— an Industry in Transition

    Refrigerant Gases— an Industry in Transition


    Increasing recognition and acknowledgment of the environmental impact associated with the use of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment has brought about changes in the composition of refrigerant gases and in the way they are being used. This heightened awareness on the part of end users and consumers is playing an ...

  • Hurdles for China’s Domestic PV Market

    Hurdles for China’s Domestic PV Market


    In 2011, a new feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme for solar projects was introduced by the NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China), a group that formulates and implements strategies of national economic and social development. A “feed-in tariff” is a form of subsidy that encourages ...

  • New Challenges in Photovoltaic Manufacturing

    New Challenges in Photovoltaic Manufacturing


    Manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) devices are under constant pressure to improve the cost per watt in order to drive market growth and compete with other forms of energy. Reducing manufacturing costs has enabled significant market growth, but continuing with this approach alone will meet with diminishing returns and profitability for ...

  • Pittcon 2012

    Pittcon 2012


    This year’s Annual Pittcon Conference took place from March 11–15 in Orlando, FL and was by all accounts a great success, attracting over 15,700 attendees. The Exposition included 948 exhibiting companies occupying 1,854 booths. Pittcon 2012 President Jon Peace commented: “In a time where economic changes, increased mergers and ...

  • IWDC’s PurityPlus® Specialty Gases

    IWDC’s PurityPlus® Specialty Gases


    In just the recent past, “Specialty Gases,” to the Independent Gas and Welding Distributor, were considered mysterious and novel. They were to be purchased from and sold as directed by the major gas companies. Independents regarded these gases as too exotic. The common attitude was “we can never compete with ...

  • Silane—Joint Effort Maintains Long-Term Supply

    Silane—Joint Effort Maintains Long-Term Supply


    Silane (SiH4) is produced by large chemical companies such as Dow Corning ( www. dowcorning.com ) and is supplied to the end user via tube trailers. One of silane’s primary applications today is in semiconductor manufacturing, where electronic-grade silane is used when applying polycrystalline silicon layers on silicon wafers.