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    Finding the Right Stuff


    The Specialty Gases segment is one of the few markets that has been resilient in this recession and represents an excellent growth path for the independent gas distributor. Critical to success in this marketplace is a professional and knowledgeable specialty gas force. 

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    Providing Specialty Gases to the Life Science Community


    THE LIFE SCIENCES MARKET For a gas supplier that has customarily serviced industrial accounts such as welding shops, providing gases and related equipment to the Life Sciences may require a whole new business plan. Selling gases to this highly specialized and sophisticated market, for example, requires change at every ...

  • Gases That Carry a Guarantee

    Gases That Carry a Guarantee

    Manufacturing and selling highpurity specialty gases requires complex resources and represents a significant investment for industrial gas distributors.

  • “Mars Mix” and Other Molecules That Matter

    “Mars Mix” and Other Molecules That Matter

    Made possible by ever-changing and emerging technologies, our industry is constantly looking for ways to create innovative products based on new materials and fresh ways of thinking.

  • Rare Gases Market Update

    Rare Gases Market Update

    As the economy slows down so does the demand for rare gases. During the last 12 months demand for xenon (Xe) declined almost 40 percent and demand for krypton (Kr) fell by about 30 percent.

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    Recovering Xenon — and Costs

    A range of new uses for the noble gas xenon has boosted its profile along with its demand at a time when supplies have been crimped thanks to the ongoing economic recession. With that in mind, users are paying more attention to how they use xenon.

  • What’s So Special About Specialty Gases?

    What’s So Special About Specialty Gases?


    Laboratory gases will always play a significant role in the everyday life of anyone working in any lab. A gas chromatograph (GC) or a mass spectrometer (MS) is just a sizable paperweight without gases.

  • New Light Cast on Photovoltaics

    New Light Cast on Photovoltaics


    Skyrocketing energy prices, recent technological advances and a renewed interest in alternative energy sources have once again brought attention to photovoltaics (PV) or solar energy. Industrial gas producers are poised to capitalize on new manufacturing technologies, particularly thin film PV, which requires large amounts of bulk and specialty gases, as ...