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    Spotlight on Specialty Gases: Weldcoa on repurposing cylinders for speciality gases


    Kevin Klotz, Field Technician and Customer Support Specialist at Weldcoa on Friday discussed Weldcoa’s extensive process of repurposing a cylinder before it can be used for specialty gas applications.

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    When the chips are down


    When Covid-19 first started shutting down the global economy last year, there was an unexpected impact on the semiconductor industry and the demand for electronic specialty gases. Historically, consumer and industrial investment on technology goods has reduced as a recession hits. However, in this recession, there was robust growth ...

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    US expands semiconductor capacity amid chip shortage


    Jim Minicucci, Global Head of the Specialty Gases business field at EMD Electronics, a business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, shares his viewpoints on the semiconductor chip shortage and supply chain with gasworld.

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    Requirements for specialty gases in semiconductor manufacturing


    Precision gas delivery is at the core of semiconductor manufacturing. Many different gases – corrosives, reactives and inerts – in varying flow rates are delivered to process chambers to produce critical features on silicon wafers that are used in manufacturing logic and memory chips. These gases, collectively called electronic specialty ...

  • Metal powder for additive manufacturing

    Making metal powders for additive manufacturing


    Insight into making metal powders for additive manufacturing, by Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting. 

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    Benefits of FTIR gas analysis for smoke toxicity measurements


    Thermo Fisher Scientific highlighted how understanding the chemical and physical properties of materials during combustion leads to improved materials and better public safety standards in a recent webinar.

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    Harris offers compact single-stage regulators for specialty gases


    Harris Products Group is offering its compact single-stage diaphragm gas regulators for portable calibration and analyser applications involving complex gases.

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    Mansmann to retire from IWDC


    Rich Mansmann will retire from his role as Vice-President of Gas Programmes at the IWDC cooperative on 1 st July.

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    AWG promotes Schadek to Vice-President of Specialty Gas Sales


    American Welding Gas, Inc. (AWG), one of the largest independent gas and welding supplies distributors in the US, has promoted Zach Schadek to Vice-President of Specialty Gas Sales for AWG.

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    Arcline Investment Management invests in PDC Machines


    PDC Machines, Inc., in partnership with the founding Afzal family, has secured investment from Arcline Investment Management, a growth-oriented private equity firm.

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    Stronger together, but retaining independence


    If you are concerned about the succession of your business, the uncertain economic outlook or the possibility of rising taxes under the new administration, then Meritus Gas Partners believes it can help.

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    Middlesex Gases invests in new specialty gas lab


    Middlesex Gases, with headquarters in Everett, Massachusetts, supplies medical, biotechnology and life science companies throughout New England with specialty gases and customised solutions. Serving this unique and fast growing market requires constant attention and Middlesex Gases is continually developing ways to meet the ever evolving demands of its specialty gas ...

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    Central Welding Supply gets ISO accreditation


    Central Welding Supply’s (CWS) Smokey Point specialty gas lab has received accreditation as an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 approved analytical lab.

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    Merck strengthens site in Arizona


    Merck has strengthened its site in Tempe, Arizona with an investment of €18m (approximately $21.8m), strengthening the facility as a strategic production and R D hub for semiconductor materials in the US.

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    Bruschi gets Managing Director role at Cavagna North America


    Cavagna Group has appointed Federico Bruschi as Managing Director of Cavagna North America, the manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and gas control.

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    Selecting on-site gas mixers for welding shield gases


    A common application for on-site gas mixing is creation of shield gas mixtures for welding. An on-site gas mixer may be used for one welder or hundreds of welders. On-site gas mixing allows the user to control the gas mixture from a single point; gas mixers with gas analysers improve ...

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    Telemetry innovations for gas users and suppliers


    The gas industry began using telemetry several years ago when suppliers developed technology for monitoring pressure differential in bulk gas systems. Having remote access to information provided great advantages to customers and suppliers, but there has been a hesitancy in some circles to embrace telemetry, perhaps because of unease about ...

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    Help is at hand


    Faced with changing demographics over the last decade where buyers are shifting to online shopping, further accelerated by our current global pandemic, the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) is offering its members a way to improve their e-commerce strategy.

  • DataSmart Automatic Switchover System

    Meeting demands, staying innovative


    For Harris Products Group, a Lincoln Electric company, 2020 was a strong year for its specialty gas sector with an increased demand for products such as its changeover systems. In the last 12 months, Harris also provided critical help in setting up temporary hospitals to treat overspill patients suffering from ...

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    IWDC meets ‘demand for technical information’ with webinars


    The Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) recently held its PurityPlus Operational Excellence Webinar Series, which offered IWDC members a chance to refresh skills in basic and advanced operational techniques.