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  • Extended_Sulphur residue from gas processing

    Hydrogen sulfide: A paradigm shift from waste to resource


    Unlocking sour gas reserves for the hydrogen economy, by Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting. 

  • EDITED_f21

    Liquid air energy storage


    Cryogenic energy storage for the clean energy transition, by Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director, sbh4 consulting. 

  • Bulk liquid CO2 storage

    Bulk liquid CO2 transportation


    Is CCUS a cost adder or growth opportunity for industrial gases? Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director of sbh4 consulting, discusses the different sides of this discussion in cryogenics.

  • Argon gas plasma welding

    Process equipment fabrication


    How process equipment fabrication is turning the clean energy vision into reality, by Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director, sbh4 consulting.

  • Nickel plating of pipeline components, opyright Houston Plating & Coatings LLC

    Transformational process offers nickel-plated cylinders at scale


    With the planned investment in new wafer fabs in the Midwest and Southwestern US, it is likely that there will be an increase in the demand for electronic specialty gas cylinders to support the expanded market. Many of the cylinders used for specialty gases have been nickel-plated to preserve the ...

  • Athabasca glacier in Western Canada

    Low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen production


    Oxygen for in-situ underground gasification of wet crude reserves, by Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director, sbh4 consulting.

  • Air Separation Plant at one of the methanol plants operated by Petronas in Labuan, Malaysia

    Industrial gases for fuels processing


    Oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen tonnage supply schemes in the energy transition, as explained by Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting.

  • Sugar cane waste is ideal for gasification to produce hydrogen

    Gasification of waste and biomass to hydrogen


    Decentralised, low-carbon intensity hydrogen production, explained by Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 Consulting.

  • PV solar power farm in Shanghai, China

    Specialty gases enabling the green agenda in Asia-Pacific


    Solar panel production for mega-scale renewable projects means mega-scale growth for industries gases, writes Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 Consulting.

  • Copyright ABB - wind power can produce decarbonised hydrogen on electrolysers

    Gas analysis requirements for emerging decarbonisation technologies


    The world must decarbonise. The precise routes to the goal are unfolding, and each country will find its own path to 2050 and beyond. As a clean fuel, hydrogen will play a central role in securing the Paris Agreement mid-century target of ‘net-zero’ carbon dioxide emissions to which many nations ...

  • Marine and aviation fuels are emerging applications of CO2

    Emerging carbon dioxide utilisation applications


    Carbon dioxide capture from emissions sources will increase by several orders of magnitude between now and 2050, as the world decarbonises fossil fuel usage. Much of that captured carbon dioxide (CO2) will be sent underground for permanent storage in geological formations, and much of it will be utilised for emerging ...

  • Cannabis is grown under artificial light

    Cannabis: Still a market high in CO2 utilisation?


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential throughout the professionally managed cannabis value chain, with major applications in growing and processing. In some cases, it is also used for trimming and freeze-drying. New pharmaceutical registrations and the loosening of recreational cannabis regulations will be major drivers of growth in carbon dioxide utilisation ...

  • Copyright Maximator - Patented automated high pressure gas seal replacement unit

    Hydrogen at speed and scale


    Maximator GmbH is part of the German-based Schmidt Kranz Group, a family-owned business which has evolved through four generations from building tractors to the manufacture of state-of-the-art hydrogen fuelling stations.

  • DRAX power station - Potential CCS from biomass combustion

    Carbon dioxide purity and CCS


    Stephen B. Harrison explains the essential link to a safe and sustainable CCS sector.

  • Resato International BV TILES EDITORIAL-01

    Resato Intenational: From hydraulics to hydrogen mobility


    Hydrogen mobility is growing rapidly, but what industries are well placed to migrate into hydrogen mobility? Stephen B. Harrison learns more about this opportunity, in an exclusive interview for gasworld with Resato International.

  • CSIRO Ani Kulkarni Tile_Tile 3 GW

    Solid oxide electrolysis grows up at CSIRO


    gasworld speaks exclusively to Dr. Ani Kulkarni of Australia’s CSIRO to find out how his team’s R&D programme will enable solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) to contribute to decarbonisation of the energy and chemicals sectors.

  • Managing enterprise risk 2

    Managing enterprise risk


    Safety beats in the heart of industrial gases. There are inherant hazards in our operations and a primary role of management is to minimise the risk that these hazards would escalate to become accidents. Some risks have the potential to blow the whole company off course – these are referred ...

  • Design_TILE_EAB_Editorial Stephen Harrison-

    Covid-19 and climate change – the defining challenges of our generation


    There are many actions in place around the world right now to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. The idea is to flatten the curve of the infection rate and limit the impact of the potentially fatal Covid-19 illness that it causes. As with Covid-19, we also need to ...

  • Business team concept. Mixed media 5

    Horses for courses


    To win the Kentucky Derby or the Grand National, you would want to be riding a thoroughbred racehorse. On the other hand, to cross the Sahara, enduring days without water, you might prefer to ride a camel. Speaking of business ownership models in the industrial gases sector, picking the right ...

  • linde-group-werner-ponikwar-linde-hydrogen-fueltech-gmbh

    10 minutes with…Dr. Werner Ponikwar


    Just south of Munich is a suburb where Carl von Linde began his work to develop refrigeration cyclesIn this location today stands The Linde Group’s business, engineering and technical complex at Pullachseveral leading members of the Linde Hydrogen FuelTech team. gas world spoke exclusively to one such individual, Dr. Werner ...