Stephen Harrison

  • Cylinder technology goes gree

    Trends in cylinder technology


    Compressed industrial gases, fuel gases and refrigerants rely on cylinders for their distribution.  As the world goes green, the trends in cylinder technology are also heading in that direction. Cylinder manufacturers, industrial gas operators and end-users are all equally impacted by these dynamics.

  • German LNG terminal image 1

    The German LNG Terminal: Planning at an advanced stage


    Situated at the mouth of the river Elbe delta on Germany’s North Sea coast, and with access to industrial clusters located north west of Hamburg, Brunsbüttel must be the ideal location for Germany’s first land-based LNG terminal.

  • Matt-Ritter-Global-Business-Director-of-Fluorochemicals-at-Arkema

    10 minutes with...Matt Ritter


    Take 10 minutes out with Matt Ritter, Global Business Director of Fluorochemicals at Arkema, as he discusses safety, corporate sustainability and the big changes underway in the refrigerants business.

  • _Cylinders_NPL

    ISO Guide 34 and beyond


    The hierarchy of accredited calibration gas mixtures has, in recent years, been relatively stable. At the base of the pyramid there is a simple ISO 9000 accreditation to demonstrate compliance with internal quality systems.

  • Strawberries

    Greenhouse growing with CO2 goes green


    Stephen B. Harrison explains why CO2 for crop growth is good for the environment, and good for business.

  • LNG tanker on the ocean

    LNG ready to support energy policies in Europe


    Vienna was the perfect location for the European Gas Conference, hosted by the Energy Council, which took place this week from 28th to 30th January. The city was regarded as an ideal fit as it lies close to the intersection of several major natural gas pipelines, such as the Trans ...

  • coregas-egm-alan-watkins

    Coregas – proudly Australian


    From mining to LNG, and carbon dioxide to specialty gases, Coregas EGM Alan Watkins talks industrial gases in Australia with Stephen B. Harrison.

  • aqe-wwem-pic

    AQE / WWEM 2018 – from dirty diesel to clean carbon dioxide and biogas


    Two of the hottest UK based shows on the environmental monitoring calendar ran in a combined event for the first time this year. The Telford International Centre played host to both the Air Quality and Environment exhibition and the Water, Waste Water and Environmental Monitoring show on the 21st and ...

  • stainless-steel-wire-for-WAAM-2

    Linde investing in AM innovation


    Linde is continuing to invest in innovation with the completion of a second atmosphere-controlled AM (additive manufacturing) test cell expected by the end of the year.

  • refrigeration-technology-concept

    Chillventa 2018 – Baked Alaska


    Changes in refrigerant gases have taken centre stage at the biennial Chillventa exhibition, running this week from 16th to 18th October in Nürnberg, Germany.

  • manufacturing-yellow-robots-welding-cars-in-a-production-line

    Industrial gas innovation showcased at MTC2


    The focus was on additive manufacturing (AM) and industrial gas applications at the 2nd Munich Technology Conference on Additive Manufacturing (MTC2) in Germany this week.

  • CEMS

    CEMS – 100% accuracy, 100% of the time


    There are few acronyms as well known in the environmental management industry as CEMS. Also, few explain so clearly what they mean… ‘Continuous Emissions Monitoring System’. The goal of each system is very simple: stack gas measurement with guaranteed precision and uninterrupted online availability.

  • Saudi Arabia map

    Gulf Cryo closing on new production site


    To support increased demand for specialty gases products in the region, Gulf Cryo is in the final stages of commissioning a new cylinder gases production facility in Dammam, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

  • The-Linde-Group

    Specialty gases in environmental protection


    Bob Brown, the Australian politician once said, “The future will either be green or not at all.”  As we seek to maintain our industrialised way of life in a sustainable way, employing clean technologies and high specification industrial gases has become critical and will become more so.

  • Countering fraud in food and beverages gasworldUS Sept16

    Countering fraud in food and beverages


    The economic impact of counterfeiting products in the food and beverage industry amounts to millions in lost sales and profits to retailers, producers and suppliers. Fake claims about the content of foods and beverages also pose an unsuspected risk to consumer health, as well as to people who base their ...

  • Gas Chromatography — Mass Spectrometry

    Gas Chromatography — Mass Spectrometry


    Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is one of the most important tools in analytical chemistry. Where other analytical techniques determine quantitative issues arising from analysis of a sample (how much of a chemical is present), GC-MS is able to identify qualitatively the nature of chemicals in the sample, identifying which molecules ...

  • Emissions Monitoring and Detection

    Emissions Monitoring and Detection


    Requirements for reducing air pollution emissions have been evolving over the past couple of decades and today, are an intricate mix of limits, targets, and caps. In many parts of the world, industries emitting pollutants must not only comply with rigid emission limits, but also need to provide emissions data ...