Dansensor has launched a new state-of-the-art analyser for testing the composition of pressurised gas mixtures.

The MAP Check 3 Pressure is a compact analyser that continuously measures carbon dioxide and/or oxygen in pressurised gas mixtures that are being delivered directly from a gas mixer, buffer tank or any other pressurised source.

Featuring a user-friendly 5-inch colour touch screen for setting parameters and controlling the device, the MAP Check 3 Pressure is ideal for any situation where it is necessary to know the oxygen and/or CO2content of a pressurised mixture.

Examples include argon/CO2mixtures for shielding gases in welding applications, or residual oxygen content in a nitrogen stream coming from a nitrogen generator.

Boasting ‘excellent’ data logging capabilities, with USB and ethernet ports, the device connects seamlessly to Dansensor’s MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer, providing a high degree of quality control over the gas mixture. If the level of CO2or oxygen comes close to its pre-selected limits, MAP Check 3 Pressure will warn the operator. If the limits are exceeded, it will shut the process down, preventing the incorrect mixture from causing potential cost-incurring problems further down the line.