The Meca-Inox emergency shut-off valve has been designed to fulfill most of the safety requirements associated with gases in their liquid state, such as liquid nitrogen or liquefied natural gas (LNG), in one fully autonomous device.

The company cites several accidents during tank discharge or road crashes of trailer tankers as reasons for emergency shut-off valves to be installed as close as possible to the tank wall, on the main pipe outlet.

The device does not require any air or power supply and is fully autonomous. It can be installed on either movable (truck trailer) or immovable piping. A loaded spring is used as energy to close a cryogenic or a standard valve, while a newly designed latch will keep the valve open for normal operation.

In case of emergency, valve closing will be triggered by either a manual pulling of a cable positioned around the tank or in raised temperatures under fire conditions, a thermal fuse melting will release the latch and close the valve.

The device requires low strenghth for manual pulling and is designed to not trigger by road vibration and shock. Tests according to Mil Std 810F standard truck simulation have been succesfully completed.