Global Passive Safety Systems® achieved a major milestone on 29th July (2013) with the sale of its 400,000th hose sold with LifeGuard Safety Hose technology.

Global Passive Safety Systems develops new safety applications for fluid transfer systems and a patented hose assembly and other fluid transfer systems.

The LifeGuard Safety Hose technology was originally sold under the Lifeline and Smart-Hose brands, a worldwide-patented hose technology designed to counteract the hazardous effect of hose rupture or failure during fluid or gaseous transfer operations.

The unique LifeGuard Safety Hose design eliminates the potential for disaster through the use of an internal cable connected to specially designed, normally unseated valve plungers located on each end of the cable. In the event of hose separation, stretching to the point of an unsafe condition or coupling-to-hose separation, the valves are released and instantly seat stopping the flow in both directions.

“We believe that in the future companies, governments and citizens will be more concerned than ever with safety, liability and the environment. We are gratified that over 400,000 units with our safety technology are being used and helping provide a greater degree of safety,” said Joseph Abrams, Inventor, Chairman and Director of Engineering at Global Passive Safety Systems.