The new WEH® TK17 H2 70 MPa looks like a conventional gasoline nozzle but is in fact a pistol grip nozzle for 70 MPa hydrogen and has the same components of already proven counterparts, such as the specific code for gas type and pressure range.

WEH has been a pioneer in the field of alternative fuels since 1986 and has developed a complete range of products for H2 refuelling; the company is currently a leading manufacturer of CNG and H2 Fuelling Solutions and the partner of many automotive manufacturers.

Now, the company has introduced the TK17 H2 70 MPa nozzle, which offers full 250° rotation for easy engagement with the vehicle’s fuel receptacle.

A pressure-tight connection between the nozzle and the vehicle receptacle ensures that the hydrogen can only flow through the line if there is a safe connection. The product was designed specifically to customers’ requirements and is already CE approved subject to the guidelines for pressure devices.

The WEH® TK17 H2 70 MPa offers optimum safety as well as the highest reliability and efficiency to the operator. The fuelling nozzle remains connected to the receptacle until the gas is depressurised.