VMG is a product supplied by Wright Brothers Global Gas, which uses cellular and RF technology at an affordable price, eliminating the need for phone lines and expensive cellular contracts.

The system eliminates the chance of gas run-outs and reduces charges through improved distribution efficiency and better asset utilization.

For TrackAbout, the partnership enables the company to make life even easier for its clients. Chairman and chief storyteller Jim Glessner said, “I’ve seen many telemetry systems come and go in this industry over the past 20 years. VMG is well-designed, affordable and uses state-of-the-art technology. We’re excited to educate our customers about VMG and the value that can be achieved with telemetry.”

CEO and owner of Wright Brothers, Charlie Wright, added, “We identified the need for a low-cost solution for the remote monitoring of cylinder levels, level alerts, room temperature, and usage charts for HP and liquid cylinders. To make gas management easier and more efficient for companies for whom this might not be priority, Wright Brothers Global Gas launched VMG. We are excited to partner with TrackAbout, a company well versed in making life easier for clients.”