The US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL) has purchased the first beta ADROITTM FC 300 latent fingerprint development system, based on technology developed by Linde Canada Ltd.

The revolutionary, automated latent fingerprint development system is a dry, non-contact technology that uses a gaseous application process for developing latent fingerprints. The new technology eliminates hazardous carrier solvents used in traditional processing methods and the physical application of these materials by dipping, spraying, brushing and drying.

Linde Canada Ltd. is an affiliate of Linde North America, a member of The Linde Group, a world-leading gases and engineering company.

Calvin Knaggs, Linde Canada technology marketing manager who developed the technology, said, “In 2012 a prototype of the Linde system underwent testing by the USACIL. They are impressed with the results and have purchased the first commercial unit for further discovery and validation.” A foundational study has been published in the Journal of Forensic Identification, entitled Latent Print Development Using Low Pressure Sublimation Vapor Deposition: Evaluation of a Prototype System (62 (6), 2012 \ 643). The article was authored by several forensic Scientists from the Defense Forensic Science Center of Excellence, United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The interest and feedback provided by the USACIL was invaluable in bringing the capabilities of the technology to where it is today,” said Knaggs.  The USACIL is a world - class facility at the forefront of battlefield forensics with a leading science and technology program collaborating with other laboratories and researchers, law enforcement, academia and industry to develop state of the art protocols in scientific investigation.

Elsewhere BOC India Limited (BOCI), a member of The Linde Group, announced its official rebranding as Linde India Limited – effective from 18 February 2013. Linde AG acquired the BOC Group in September 2006, forming The Linde Group.

The brand change is part of a global programme to position the companies within The Linde Group under a single Linde brand, a company statement said.

Bernd Eulitz, Regional Business Unit Head for Linde’s gases business in South and East Asia said, “India is a very important market for The Linde Group and we are very positive about the many exciting opportunities we see here.”

“We will continue to earmark capital to further invest in India to enlarge our geographical footprint and extend our production and distribution capabilities. This is to ensure we are well positioned to support our customers across the country in their growth plans.”