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  • Keith Stewart

    Aeroplanes and incredible India


    As most of us global sales guys spend so much of our time in the air, I thought I would mention how I see so many of the major airlines today as careless ventures that see the business traveller only as a gravy train for their bottom line.

  • Michael Blondin, VRV

    The past, present and future of the cryogenic equipment industry


    In my last column I spoke about the ‘ups and downs’ of travelling to promote our wares. This month, I’m going to talk about how this experience has given a unique vision on the evolution of our niche of an industry.

  • Diana Buss, Vice-President of Communications at the Messer Group.

    10 minutes more with...Diana Buss


    Spend 10 minutes more with Diana Buss and see what else the Vice-President of Communications at the Messer Group had to say about communications, future travel plans, and her hopes for 2012.

  • Nicolas Viard, of France-based Cryolor.

    10 minutes with...Nicolas Viard


    Take ten minutes out with Nicolas Viard, Vice-President of Sales EMEA-Americas, Marketing Communications at Cryolor.

  • Teresa Boehl

    News from Cryo Corner, with Theresa Boehl


    All good things must come to an end, the saying goes. Still, the scientists, engineers and officials who spent years planning, building and running the Tevatron particle accelerator undoubtedly felt tinges of sadness when the machine was powered down for the last time on 30th September.

  • Keith Stewart

    Shale we change the industry?


    Following on from my visit to China, I spent two weeks in South Korea and Taiwan before moving on to the US. The difference in the need and use of LNG varies greatly in each country, as does the systems needed to digest the food that is served up.

  • Michael Blondin, VRV

    The ‘ups and downs’ of travelling to sell our wares


    Brand new! Read the first ever piece from new gas world columnist, Michael Blondin. Here, Blondin describes his experiences of traversing the globe to 'sell his wares' – and the pitfalls, and glorious opportunities, that comes with the job.

  • Laurie Huget

    News from Cryo Corner, with Laurie Huget


    Brand new! Read the latest updates from gas world's new bi-monthly Cryo Corner column courtesy of the Cryogenic Society of America (CSA). Here, Laurie Huget provides the latest updates from the world of cryogenics and some key summer meetings in the US.

  • Keith Stewart of Herose

    Intestines, appendages and LNG valves in China


    Brand new! Read the first ever piece from new gas world columnist, Keith Stewart. Here, Stewart describes his experiences of travelling in China, the changes he's seen take shape there over the last decade, and his expectations of the changing requirements for LNG valves in the country.