The Società Italiana Acetilene Disciolto, which later became the Società Italiana Acetilene e Derivati, was established in Bergamo, in the heart of northern Italy, in 1927.

It was created by several business men, including professors Quirino and Bernardo Sestini whose heirs, Roberto and his son Bernardo, currently run the group. Today SIAD is rated among the top Italian chemical groups, with a turnover of approximately €480m, over 1,300 employees working in Italy and abroad, production sites in Europe and many other parts of the world, sales branches and service centres, and diversified activities that extend to the industrial gas, engineering, healthcare services and industrial goods sectors.

SIAD is one of the most important Italian companies in the industrial gas sector, an area in which it has been working in since its inception, and is also present with companies in another twelve European countries: Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia. In this sector, SIAD can boast as many as four highly technological production facilities situated respectively in Osio Sopra (Bergamo) and Carlino (Udine) in Italy, in Rajhradice (Brno) in the Czech Republic, and in Calarasi in Romania, as well as products of excellence such as pure gases, calibration mixtures and porous filling mass.

The group also has an extensive and well established presence in the engineering sector with SIAD Macchine Impianti, the company established from SIAD in 1953, which designs, constructs and installs air separation units and compressors throughout the world. International expansion in this sector was consolidated with the creation of a representative office in Shanghai, which then became a trading company. The group’s latest development is the formation of the company SIAD Engineering in Hangzhou, also in China, which is specialised in the design, construction and sale of ASUs.

In the 1990s, the group entered the healthcare sector, where it currently operates within the hospital and home care environment with an extremely wide range of products and services destined for hospital organisations and research.

Environmental management services, the marketing of items for widespread consumption, and the distribution of products for welding and industrial tooling complete the group’s array of activities.

Throughout its history, SIAD has always been committed to continuous development while remaining faithful to the distinctive values of the group. The SIAD brand is synonymous with experience, tradition and sound values, and is also a guarantee of reliability and professionalism. SIAD’s other core values include research and technological innovation, both of which are considered indispensable for the growth and success of the group, as well as a continuous commitment to quality, safety and respect for the environment. The group also has strong links to the region in which it works, which often take the form of support for initiatives of a social or cultural nature, also through the “Sestini Foundation”.

Eighty-five years is an enviable milestone for any company and SIAD has reached this landmark not only with excellent results, but also with an intact desire for improvement which, after being at the heart of the success of the group, is also destined to play a major role in its future.