A new report from the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) reveals the significant potential for using hydrogen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve the efficiency of renewable technologies, including wind and solar power.

Hydrogen: untapped energy?, is the latest technical report from IGEM, that explores how hydrogen can be used as a carrier to store energy produced from a wide range of primary sources, and to power applications including electric vehicles, heating and power generation.

Key finds include:

  • Increased useful output from solar and wind power installations
  • Hydrogen could safely be injected into existing gas grids 
  • Hydrogen applications could support development of low carbon technologies 
  • The decades-old hydrogen feedstock industry could contribute unrivalled expertise
  • New Technical Standards could support uptake of hydrogen applications
  • EU, Government and industry collaborations are needed for hydrogen R&D and demonstrator projects

Peter Hardy, IGEM’s Technical Services Manager, said, “To tackle carbon emissions, climate change and security of energy supply it is imperative that countries continue to invest in developing renewables, and technologies like hydrogen and fuel cell technology.”

“IGEM firmly believes that diversity of supply is essential, a message we are communicating to Governments, regulators, and industry through our programme of activities. That said, we also know that clean-burning natural gas must figure for the foreseeable future.”

“IGEM will also be hosting a conference next year to bring the gas, utilities and energy sectors up to speed with the latest developments in hydrogen and fuel cell technology”, Mr Hardy added.

With experience of producing the definitive Technical Standards for the UK’s gas onshore industry since the 1960s, IGEM is the preeminent Chartered Institution for the UK and overseas gas industries and value chains.