Initially planned for a six-year period, the educational and research industrial chair has received funding from ANR (French National Research Agency), which is proof of both the project’s excellence and the willingness to support Public-Private Partnerships.

Managed by Thierry Schuller, professor at Ecole Centrale Paris and researcher at the macroscopic and molecular energy, combustion laboratory (EM2C, CNRS unit), the chair aims to develop skills in oxy-combustion of young engineers and doctors.

Research will focus on a better understanding of combustion processes and the characterisation of oxygen flames. This knowledge will lead to more reliable models and improved process for oxygen burners sizing.

The chair’s activities will be organised around a numerical and experimental platform, settled within the EM2C lab. The experimental platform will be equipped with advanced flame and heat transfers’ diagnosis systems under high pressure, the first of its kind in the world.

Oxy-combustion is a promising solution paving the way to the clean production of steam and power. With this chair, Air Liquide strengthens its commitment into the decarbonised energy sector.