Air Products has announced it is to adapt its Freshline® QS tunnel following feedback from the company’s customers.

The new version of the entry-level measurement equipment is now 6m long instead of 8m (for 2m wide) for a further reduced footprint while maintaining the same capacity.

Launched in 2011, this entry-level equipment was designed from the outset for small users and/or beginners in cryogenic freezing. With this offer a new kind of engineers R & D Group had successfully met a challenge: to design an easy to clean and cheap ultra-easy to use tunnel, maintenance-free, but offering quality and flexibility, like most sophisticated equipment.

The Freshline® QS tunnel has already been successfully adopted by industrial bakery, poultry and dishes throughout Europe.

Cryogenic freezing technology - which uses the power of liquid nitrogen for rapid cooling of foods - allows the creation of a line of efficient food production and with a lower carbon footprint than other processes. The freezing tunnel Freshline® QS offers, as well as other cryogenic freezing tunnels, all the benefits of technology with nitrogen freezing, namely:

·      rapid cooling which ensures a high quality frozen product;

·      reducing waste from water loss and damaged products;

·      optimised efficiency with reduced downtime and improved performance freezing.

But while the current cryogenic freezing tunnels were designed for treating large volumes of food producers, the Freshline® QS tunnel is innovative in that it has been specially developed for the benefit of small producers or start- ups food. The objective was to provide a system of continuous cryogenic freezing for part of the market that could not previously take advantage of this technology.

For novices in the field, this new equipment makes it possible to:

·      quickly start a production line freezing/cooling continuous quality with minimal investment base;

·      test new recipes easily from one product to another during the time of a single operator working;

·      freeze demand: rapid freezing (which takes minutes rather than hours) eliminates the storage of large quantities of products.

Designed for freezing a wide range of foods (meat, poultry, seafood, prepared meals, fruits and vegetables, ice cream or bakery products), raw or cooked, the freezing tunnel Freshline® QS has a capacity Maximum freezing of 350 kg/hour.

More compact in its new version: the conveyor belt is made of plastic, insulating prefabricated sections are of great strength and the absence of moving parts removes any worry of maintenance.

Operation is as simple (user guide fits on one page), as is its cleaning thanks to its hygienic design.

The freezing tunnel Freshline® QS complements a wide range of equipment for cooling and freezing the food industry ranging from blenders tunnels through immersion systems and cabinets range.