Airgas, Inc. has announced Red-D-Arc Welderentals, an Airgas company, will exhibit at the International Trade Fair: Joining, Cutting, Surfacing presented by the German Welding Society in Essen, Germany, held from September 16th to 21st.

Red-D-Arc will display its proprietary line of weld-positioning equipment, including several new products which will be unveiled at the tradeshow.

“The German Welding Society tradeshow in Essen is a unique opportunity to meet with our international customers and colleagues, and this year’s tradeshow coincides with the opening of our Red-D-Arc retail location in Essen,” says Mitch Imielinski, President of Red-D-Arc Welderentals.

“As a leader in high-quality and fully-certified weld automation equipment, our welding experts are honored to exhibit and unveil exciting new products at one of the industry’s largest tradeshows and to bring Red-D-Arc’s full-service offering to the German welding market for the first time.”

Red-D-Arc’s new products include the Tank Growing Line which enables quick and easy alignment of cans when assembling multi-cylinder applications via independently-adjustable rollers to compensate for out-of-round cans. The line includes assembly-staging carriers for safe handling of components during the assembly process.

Also on display will be Anti-Drift Rotators, used with various types of conventional and self-aligning rotators to prevent pipe from spiraling out of position. With 80mm wide, deep groove weld, the drift of a 10m diameter work piece could be reduced to 6mm during 12 hours of continuous rotation.

Additionally, the Automated Cladding System is available for both horizontal pipe cladding and vertical valve cladding. The system may be used with either a standard TIG power source for cold-wire TIG (GTAW) welding or a pulsed TIG power source for hot-wire TIG (GTAW-P) welding when increased deposition rates are preferred. The turn-key system is complete with specified power sources, wirefeeders, and control systems.

These new products and Red-D-Arc’s full line of welding positioners, manipulators, turning rolls, and other weld automation products are available for sale, lease, and rent through Red-D-Arc’s global distribution network. Red-D-Arc also designs and builds turn-key weld automation packages based on customers’ needs and provides a team of engineers for best-in-service expertise and consultation.

And gasworld will be reporting live from the show on Tuesday September 17th and Wednesday September 18th.