The first US flag vessel to be operated on liquefied natural gas (LNG) has had valves supplied by Sheffield-based Bestobell Valves, part of the President Engineering Group (PEGL).

The company supplied globe and check valves as it is a preferred supplier to Wärtsilä Gas Power Systems (GPS) which produced its LNG Pac fuel system for the ship known as Harvey Energy. Bestobell has supplied cryogenic valves for five Harvey Gulf vessels, as part of Harvey Gulf International Marine’s ‘going green’ initiative. 

Mark Henley, Managing Director of President Engineering Group, said, “It is very exciting to have supplied the first US flag vessel that will run primarily on LNG. Ship builders and owners are increasingly opting for fuel efficient LNG and this kind of vessel is a blueprint for the future of marine engineering.”

Bestobell’s LNG cryogenic valves are specifically designed for marine applications which includes the very important requirement for the valves to have fire safe properties, whereby all components must be able to withstand a minimum temperature of 925oC (as per the interim IGF code).

Bestobell Valves has also recently supplied cryogenic valves to Wartsila GPS for two more Offshore Support Vessels – one for Siem Offshore, which is being built at HellesØy Verft, Norway and the other project for RemØy Shipping, to be constructed at Kleven Maritime also in Norway. 

Bestobell Valves is a world-leader in the manufacture of LNG cryogenic valves, with over 50 years industrial gas experience and 15 years’ successfully supplying to LNG marine markets.  Bestobell’s Valves are widely used on LNG Carriers, FLNG (Floating Production & Storage Units) and FSRUs (Floating, Storage & Re-gasification Units). 

The company designs and produces valves to meet specific requirements in the marine sector and has supplied cryogenic valves to a majority of the major shipyards building LNG Carriers.

Wärtsilä Gas Power Systems is the global leader in gas power solutions for the marine and energy markets, which is headquartered in Finland.