CALVERA has increased its range of storage and transport solutions with the launch of a Carbon Monoxide Trailer – at 200-bar with TPED, ADR, and EN 13807 approvals.

The carbon monoxide trailer design has all the advantages to the model created for H2 and He transport by CALVERA, however, with some several differences owing to the fact that manipulates toxic gas.

Each cylinder is equipped with a safety valve to respect ADR specifications including an ergonomic access.

Manifolds have a pneumatic valves system powered by air and nitrogen to ease the opening.

This model is composed of four aluminium cylinders modules, specially designed for carbon monoxide, and expandable to five or six modules if required.

The plan of the company for the coming years is to introduce new trailers designs, in response to customers demand, collaborate with new partners and improve efficiency and competitiveness in the global market.