Cambridge Sensotec has launched the Rapidox ozone analyser, the company’s first instrument designed for fast and accurate analysis of ozone and oxygen.

Ozone can be measured over the range of 0-2ppm in steps of 0.01ppm and the oxygen measurement is over the range of 0-100% in steps of 0.1%. Continuous analysis of both gases is possible, with a typical response time of only 20 seconds for a 90% response to a step change in gas compositions.

At the heart of the analyser is a patented Alphasense ozone sensor which comes with a two year performance warranty. Also included is a top-of-the-range Yuasa electrochemical oxygen sensor which can be used in a wide range of gases such as nitrogen, argon, helium and carbon dioxide.

The number and diversity of ozone applications have increased rapidly since its wide-scale use in disinfecting drinking water. Ozone is also widely used to treat domestic and industrial wastewater, to disinfect swimming pools and hospitals and to prevent the growth of microorganisms in cooling-tower systems. Other ozone applications include semiconductor manufacturing and air treatment applications.

Rapidox 1100E OEM

Cambridge Sensotec have added to their range of OEM gas analysers with the Rapidox 1100E OEM. This high precision analyser contains the same Yuasa electrochemical oxygen sensor as featured in the Rapidox 3100EO and can be used in conjunction with a variety of process machines, saving on space and cost. Supplied as circuit board, integrated pump, sensor and power supply with full connections, the Rapidox R1100E OEM analyser represents a flexible oxygen analysis solution to your process.

Dextens In-Line Dissolved Gas Analysers

Cambridge Sensotec are proud to be the exclusive UK distributors of the Dextens in-line dissolved gas analyser range. Manufactured in Switzerland, Dextens offer high quality instruments for either oxygen or ozone process measurements in liquid. In addition the user-friendly analyser’s offer trace level concentration measure in liquid.