Beginning in 2013, Dansensor, the world’s leading name in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technology, will give special recognition to food producers, packaging machinery manufacturers, universities or anyone else who develops innovative ideas in applying MAP technology.

In December the company will select Fresh Thinking Awards recipients for the best new ideas in two categories:

1. - The Fresh Thinking Innovation Award will go to a recipient who uses MAP technology in a new and imaginative way, one that improves package durability, increases consumer safety, or delivers fresher produce – or to a recipient who introduces a completely new type of MAP innovation.

2. - The Fresh Thinking Green Award will go to a recipient who uses MAP technology in in the most innovative and efficient way to minimise waste in materials, packaging and gas consumption – especially in support of the EU’s Stop Food Waste initiative.

“We’ve based the Dansensor brand on the concept of fresh thinking, which is our ability to help food producers use MAP technology in innovative ways to ensure product quality, cut raw material costs and reduce packaging and food waste,” says Karsten Kejlhof, Sales and Marketing Director for Dansensor.

“We know from experience that our customers are a tremendous source of new ideas in these areas, and the Fresh Thinking Awards are our way of giving them the recognition they deserve.”

About Dansensor

Dansensor engineers quality control and quality assurance solutions for the food industry and other businesses that package their products in modified atmosphere. Headquartered in Denmark, Dansensor is owned by MOCON, Inc., a worldwide leader in permeation instrumentation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Dansensor operates worldwide, with own sales and service offices in the USA, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.