Demaco, the Dutch specialist in cryogenic infrastructures, has acquired an order to build the LNG transport pipelines for the largest LNG receiving terminal in Scandinavia, to be built by Cryo AB for Skangass.

The receiving terminal will be built next to Preem’s refinery in Lysekil (100 km north of Gothenburg ) on the west coast of Sweden. Besides delivery of LNG to Preem’s refinery, a truck loading facility will be built in connection to the terminal. The terminal will also become an important hub for distribution of LNG as fuel for ships. A shift to LNG as fuel is one of the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions and meet stricter environmental requirements. The gas will come from the LNG plant at Risavika (another LNG project Demaco is working on) near Stavanger.  LNG will be delivered to Lysekil using Skangass LNG carrier – Coral Energy. The LNG terminal is scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2013, an investment estimated at €55m.

The receiving terminal will be realized by Cryo AB, part of the gases and engineering company Linde Group, the main contractor for installing this terminal.  Cryo AB will perform the basic engineering and support with the procurement of rotating equipment, commissioning and start-up, and is also the main contractor for the integration of the cryogenic tank structures. Demaco will bring its cryogenic expertise (the company itself refers to ‘cryogenius’) to the project and will be responsible for engineering, producing and delivery of nearly 2 kilometres 12” and 2” vacuum-isolated transport pipelines within the cryogenic tank structures.

Demaco’s solutions demonstrate ‘cryogenius’ in that the proposed pipelines are safer (being double-walled) and more sustainable than traditionally insulated LNG pipelines. Although the vacuum-insulated space between the process pipeline and the outer housing is only about 1”, the Demaco installation boasts superior insulation values, up to thirty times better than the values of traditional systems. Consequently, the energy that is used to liquidize natural gas is used much more efficiently.

Demaco is located in Noord-Scharwoude, the Netherlands, and has specialised for more than thirty years in designing, building, testing and installing pipeline systems as well as measurement and control engineering tailored to extremely low temperatures (cryogenics) and extremely low pressures (vacuum technology). In addition to facilitating the LNG business, Demaco also serves producers of industrial gases and end-users of liquid gas, including the Food processing, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and medical companies. Furthermore, Demaco has specialized in complex liquified helium systems, which are commonly used by scientific laboratories.