Draeger Safety UK launches a new product that demonstrates a major step forward for measuring hazardous and dangerous gases in the oil and gas industry.

With the Offshore Division (OSD) setting a tough challenge in proposing a target of a 50% reduction on the 2009/10 total of hydrocarbon releases (HCRs) and 94% for year end 2012/2013, there has never been a stronger focus on minimising future HCRs and other hazardous gas releases.

To help offshore companies achieve this, Dräger has developed a new product, the Dräger X-act 5000, which uses a unique new ‘pump concept’, which when used in conjunction with Dräger-Tubes, allows ‘spot-check’ measuring and sampling of gases – the first ever dual function of its kind.

This brand new technological advance will make life easier for those who operate in the oil and gas industry and routinely use gas detector tubes to test for potentially hazardous atmospheres. As well as speeding up the entire testing process of sampling and measuring potentially dangerous gases and air by up to 20%, the state-of-the-art pump also eliminates operator error by automatically transferring and storing all measurement data, improving personal safety levels and efficiency.

Measurements and continuous detection of substances including hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide, benzene and oxygen depletion help to ensure personal and plant safety – and are continually under the spot light. Gas detection equipment is the first line of defence for measuring and detecting gas hazards in a range of offshore scenarios, including confined spaces (such as leg-working), tank testing and potentially explosive gas atmospheres.

Portable gas detection specialist, Kevin Honner from Draeger said, “Early feedback suggests that the new Dräger X-act 5000 is proving popular with our customers in the oil and gas industries, helping to transform the landscape of both short and long-term gas/air measurement and testing.”

“This is hardly surprising, not only from a personal and plant safety perspective, but also when considering test efficiency. Our customers are increasingly under pressure to keep to strict project timescales and the Dräger X-act 5000 allows them to do exactly that. By eliminating manual intervention and boosting personal safety, the device provides fast and reliable sampling, whilst freeing up time so that operators can concentrate on other tasks.”

“We pride ourselves on the fact the Draeger name is synonymous with innovative safety solutions that protect lives, and we are delighted to launch yet another product into the marketplace that does just that.”