The details about the coming Winter Session of European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) have been announced ahead of the event – which is due to be held in Brussels on the 28th, 29th and 30th of January.

The 2014 Winter Session will consist of two separate events:

·       EIGA Seminar 2014 “Flammable Gases – Safe operation and regulations”, and

·       “Acetylene Basics” Training Course.

The EIGA Seminar 2014 focuses on safe operation and regulation with respect to flammable gases. Flammable gases are an important part of the gas industry product portfolio and are widely used in many industries.  Due to their properties they are hazardous and thus there are safety issues that need to be addressed.

The Seminar programme will consist of a mixture of plenary and parallel sessions, running from 29 to 30 January 2014.  The parallel sessions will focus on acetylene and on other flammable gases, such as hydrogen and LPG and gas mixtures.

The Seminar will feature presentations from nearly thirty global industry speakers.  It will include a review of incidents involving flammable gases in the industrial and medical gases industry and their impact. It will focus on how these incidents can be avoided through proper application of key controls, design considerations, safe plant operations and management systems.  We have keynote speakers from the gases industry and from organisations involved in testing of components and providing formal guidance.  

The Seminar has been designed to be of benefit to a wide range of delegates including flammable gases operation managers, safety experts and those new to the industry, including process engineers, system designers, regulatory and government officers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

The programme will also include ample opportunities for networking and meeting the experts.

The Acetylene Basics Training Course on 28th and 29th January will address the fundamental topics related to the safe design and operation of acetylene systems and has been designed to be of benefit to those new to the industry, those with industry experience but requiring refresher or updated training, or those responsible for training others. Attendance at the Training Course will be restricted to 50 delegates.

For details of all events, full programmes and access to online registration for the Winter Session 2014 events, please visit our dedicated ‘EIGA Winter Session 2014’ page on the EIGA website at