Everest Kanto Cylinders has made steady progress in the European market – with the launch of the 100% owned company called EKC Europe, in Duisburg Germany.

January 2012 saw Everest Kanto Cylinders launch a 100% owned EKC Europe GmbH in Duisburg, Germany. One year on and EKC has accomplished a major phase of the European high-pressure cylinders market study - and with certain customers has made even further advances.

EKC Europe GmbH has successfully launched its sales of industrial gases and CNG cylinders to clients from Italy, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. All the ordered cylinders and provided products are duly certified as per European regulations.

With one of its recently acquired clients in Germany, a leading German automotive powertrain engineering company working for such brands as Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler, Porsche an others, EKC hopes to develop the new cooperation even further to the OEM stage.

As the EKC senior manager states, “What has distinguished EKC over competition is quick delivery, fast response, competitive pricing and the product which is out of the standard range of some of the leading European cylinder suppliers. We are proud of that development and the fact that EKC cylinders will be installed on light-duty trucks produced by one of the above brands.”

Another key development of the last year was the signing of the warehousing and cylinder finishing agreement with one of the German cylinder qualification and retesting companies near Berlin. This partnership enables EKC to target the spot market clients in Europe more effectively. For immediate business there is going to be a stock of standard products available. For companies requiring high-pressure gas cylinders it means being able to quickly obtain tailor powder-painted cylinders equipped with the accessories most common on all the EU markets. As an option, and based on the demand of the new EKC clients, the German cylinder qualification partner is authorised to carry out independent analysis and testing (including ultrasonic testing) of EKC cylinders.

Everest Kanto continues to flexibly target all the European, CEE and CIS cylinder markets with its wide business portfolio of tube, billet and plate made steel cylinders. Jumbo and composite cylinders can be also offered. Its team invites all the interested parties to visit the newly launched web-page for EKC Europe GmbH to get introduced to its activities and products.