Effective from August 5th gasworld.com Ltd has secured a deal to purchase CryoGas International - the leading magazine and information source on the industrial gases business in North America.

CryoGas is operated out of offices in Lexington, Massachusetts, and was owned by JR Campbell & Associates,

President of JR Campbell & Associates, John “Buzz” Campbell, said, “This was a big day for me. I have owned the magazine since 1988 and with our team have built the business to become a household name for industrial gases news and views across the US and internationally.”

Commenting on the transition, Campbell explained, “Over the past two years I have been looking for the right company to take over CryoGas, one that would secure the future of the magazine and my loyal staff. At the same time, John Raquet, CEO of gasworld, has been interested in expanding his business in the US. I have known John for almost 20 years, having partnered with him in a consultancy practice during the 1990s, and admire what he has done with gasworld in both publishing and in special events within the gases community. Through our long-term connections, John has become familiar with both CryoGas and its staff, so this seemed to me the perfect fit. I am confident the business is in good hands.”

Campbell added emphatically, “I want to stress I am far from retiring and will continue to provide consulting and M&A services through my company JR Campbell & Associates, Inc. and will remain with CryoGas as an advisor.”

Commenting on the acquisition, John Raquet, President of gasworld, said, “Buzz has known of my admiration of CryoGas International for many years. We considered ourselves as friendly competitors on the international scene and in the US, following our acquisition of Specialty Gas Report in late 2008. My respect for CryoGas and its position as the leading publication in the US made entry into the North American market challenging, and up to now, we have focused on events like our Miami industrial gases conference, which we held last year.”

Raquet continued, “With this acquisition, we have the opportunity of merging the resources of Specialty Gas Report and CryoGas International to develop both magazines and provide an even more valuable news and information service for the North American industrial gases market, which is enjoying exciting times.” CryoGas International and Specialty Gas Report will continue to serve and focus on the US and North American markets, with offices in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Aggie Baker, Managing Editor of CryoGas International, said, “The CryoGas team thanks Buzz for the opportunity to work on such a well-respected magazine under his tutelage and wish him the very best in his future ventures. We look forward to Buzz’s continued involvement as an advisor and to working with John and the team from across the pond on their dynamic vision for the future of CryoGas International.”

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. For more information contact Christine Turley at CryoGas International

(cturley@cryogas.com) or Jane Roderick at gasworld.com (jane.roderick@gasworld.com).

Company Information:

J R Campbell & Associates:  The company has been consulting on the industrial gases business for over 30 years.  In more recent years, the company has focused on M&A business activity, especially within the gas distributors business in the US and also with equipment manufacturers, through its associations with Leaders LLC (www.leaders-llc.com). For more information contact Buzz Campbell at JRCampbel2@gmail.com.

CryoGas International:  The business publishes 11 magazines a year on the industrial, medical, and specialty gases markets.  It has been the leading publication for these markets in the US since 1988 and the magazine is provided in both hard copy and digital form.  More details can be found on www.cryogas.com.

gasworld Publishing LLC:  The company is a US registered company, which currently publishes the Specialty Gas Report magazine and the Master Sourcing Guide (specialtygasreport.com). The company, which is acquiring the CryoGas International business, is a majority owned entity of gasworld.com Ltd – the UK based global industrial gas focused publishing, media and events company.  gasworld publishes magazines, a directory, organises conferences, and has recently begun a Business Information service.  More details can be found at www.gasworld.com.