Siemens Energy delivered an SGT-750 industrial gas turbine for the cogeneration plant in Lubmin near Greifswald, Germany. The plant is located directly at the landfall station of Nord Stream’s Baltic Sea pipeline.

The cogeneration plant is the first power plant to be placed into operation with this gas turbine. Plant operator is the Industriekraftwerk Greifswald GmbH, a joint venture of WINGAS GmbH and E.ON Energy Projects GmbH.

With an electrical capacity of 37 megawatts (MW), the gas turbine can bring the cogeneration plant up to full-load operating mode in just ten minutes. The electricity it generates is fed into the grid, while the waste heat from the gas turbine serves to heat the natural gas upon its arrival at the landfall station.

The gas in the Nordstream Pipeline has a too high pressure when it arrives in Lubmin. The pressure is reduced at Lubmin Landing station to suit the onshore pipeline systems (OPAL, NEL). When the gas pressure is reduced a drop in gas temperature occurs (Joule-Thomson effect). This temperature drop is compensated for with the exhaust heat from the SGT-750 gas turbine.

“The Siemens SGT-750 gas turbine deployed in Lubmin stands out thanks to its high efficiency. At the same time, it is very cost effective and environmentally friendly to operate. In addition, the turbine has the lowest maintenance times in its performance class,” said Thierry Toupin, CEO of the Siemens Energy Sector’s Gas Turbine and Generators Business Unit.