Hydrovane has launched a new range of G series, gas-pressure boost rotary vane compressors, tailored for biogas recovery and micro turbine fuelling applications.

All 12 models in the range meet ATEX Zone 2 requirements, featuring non-sparking motors and remote, safe-area electrical starter equipment.  The new range provides a complete package for operators handling sweet, sour and biogases in hazardous environments in industries such as waste-water and sewage, landfill and the oil and gas sector.

Product manager, Tim Auger adds, “Increasing fuel costs and environmental pressures are making gas recovery a viable economic proposition.  This, in turn has led to increased investment in gas capture plant and storage facilities as opposed to simply flaring off the gas at source.”

“However, such gases are produced at relatively low pressure and therefore require boosting in order for them to be transferred into storage tanks or to be suitable for supplying a gas-powered generator set.”

“We have therefore designed the G series range to be easily integrated in to both new and existing applications.  Pressure boost is up to six bar with flow ranges from 10.0 l/s to 113.3 l/s.”

“The proven Hydrovane rotary vane principal is also rated for continuous operation for round-the-clock operations, producing a constant source of pulse-free gas.”

An intelligent inlet system control regulates compressor operation, helping to save energy costs, as the machine adapts automatically to gas flow and will stop if demand falls below a certain level.  The larger models in the range (5.5 kW to 45 kW) also feature variable-speed drives as standard to reduce ownership costs further.

In addition, a specially developed lubricant helps to ensure optimum service life and minimal oil contamination or degradation. This can result in up to 4,000 hours between service intervals*, reducing the frequency of routine maintenance to minimise downtime.

Hydrovane has more than 15 years’ experience in gas boost compressor applications and its modular design concept also enables original equipment manufacturers’ applications to be accommodated.