Mercedes-Benz nominated HyGear for the BlueEFFICIENCY Award 2013. The award will be handed out to the company with the best innovation in the field of sustainable mobility.

The other nominated companies for the award are Prins Autogassystemen and ECOdrive. The winner will be presented during the eighth edition of the MKB (SME) Innovation Top 100, an initiative of Syntens Innovation Centre and takes place on the 12th of June in Eindhoven.


HyGear’s Hydrogen Generation Systems (HGS) generates hydrogen from natural gas on a small scale. The partially patented system delivers hydrogen in the desired quantity and quality. By generating hydrogen on-site, regularly supply of compressed hydrogen by tube trailer transport becomes obsolete, meaning a significant reduction in costs and emissions (a reduction of 4 kg less CO2 per kg hydrogen).

The generated hydrogen can be used as fuel for fuel cell cars or as process gas for the industry. HyGear expects that in the future, more sustainable sources like biogas can be the input for the Hydrogen Generation System.

Prins Autogassystemen

Standard gasoline cars can drive 100% on LPG when injected with Prins Direct LiquiMax (DLM), decreasing the CO2 and particulates up to 90%. With DLM, gasoline cars keep the same performance and even the cleanest engines can increase their environmental footprint further.


ECOdrive is an intelligent stimulator to stimulate sustainable and safe driving behavior. Maximum speed, acceleration and rpm can be adjusted per gear, decreasing up to 25% damage and maintenance and 15% reduction of CO2 by reduced fuel consumption. The return of investment of the system is one year.

Mercedes-Benz BlueEFFICIENCY Award

The Mercedes-Benz BlueEFFICIENCY Award is an annual award for the entrepreneur with the most sustainable innovation in mobility. The winner of the award wins the holding of a Mercedes-Benz passenger- or commercial vehicle for one year to emphasize the innovative character of its company.

The German manufacturer scores high on sustainable mobility itself, thanks to over 125 years of continuous innovation.