ITM Power, the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce important extensions to its patent portfolio, following a recent major intellectual property review.

Creation and protection of relevant intellectual property remains central to ITM Power’s development strategy. The company has robust processes to identify new intellectual property and seek the most appropriate method of protection. The company prosecutes patent applications of its suite of unique materials and processes in many countries throughout the world, initially using the Patent Corporation Treaty. Patents on the core technology have already been widely granted, most recently in Korea, Japan, Canada and India, complementing the already granted regions, which include Europe and the US.

In addition, the patent position has been extended to include protection for the unrestricted use of these materials in Europe (ie: applications outside the scope of ITM Power’s current core activities), reinforcing the company’s secure hold on its technology.

Since the start of 2010 a further 21 patents have been granted across ten patent families, covering technologies, materials or processes relevant to ITM Power’s activities. An additional seven new patent applications have been submitted which are now progressing through the patent system. ITM Power now has 94 separately granted patents and 64 pending patent applications across 31 patent families.

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power commented, “Our IP portfolio continues to grow in strength and in depth as important inventions arise from our R&D activities. The strength of our intellectual property is fundamental to the present and future value of ITM Power and I look forward to updating the market as our portfolio develops further.”