Linde Engineering Dresden has signed an agreement with the Finnish Forest BtL Oy for the licensing of the biomass gasification technology Carbo-V®, which will be implemented in a new Biomass–to-Liquid (BtL) plant in Kemi, Northern Finland.

The commercial operation for the production of biodiesel and naphtha is expected to start at the end of 2016.

“This first license agreement marks a significant step in the progress of licensing Carbo-V® after Linde purchased the technology last year and consolidated it into its portfolio,” said Jörg Linsenmaier, Managing Director of Linde Engineering Dresden.

“Forest BtL has selected Carbo-V® technology because it is suitable to use commercially available dry chipped wood directly,” said Sven Petersen, Vice President Carbon and Energy Solutions of Linde Engineering Dresden.

“Compared to other technologies, Carbo-V® has a very high carbon conversion to synthesis gas as well as an outstanding syngas quality,” said Mikko Kara, Chief Executive Officer of Forest BtL Oy.

Apart from the license the contract includes the development of the process design package (PDP) for the gasification. Further services like front end engineering design (FEED) for gasification as well as for shift and gas cleaning are pre-defined.

The BtL plant will have a gasification capacity of 480 megawatts (MW) and an annual output of about 130,000 tonnes of biodiesel and naphtha, using about 1.5 million tonnes of wood, a second-generation feedstock not competing with food production.

The project will be funded by the European Union’s NER300 programme for innovative, low-carbon technologies. NER300 offers grants to installations of innovative renewable energy projects, grid integration projects and up to 12 CCS projects.