Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has today announced the launch of SMOOTHFLO™, a ground breaking technologically advanced gas pressure regulator.

The new single-stage regulator, dubbed a “hybrid” as it delivers performance similar to that of a multi-stage regulator and has a unique combination of embedded technologies and features making it a world first among industrial gas regulators.

SMOOTHFLO™ - so called, because unlike conventional regulators which require several pressure adjustments to maintain desired flow and pressure - will continuously deliver optimal flow throughout the day with only three turns of the pressure adjusting knob on initial set-up.  This is achieved via a unique lever-activated encapsulated valve with Linde’s proprietary Dynamic Quadflow Stability Control (DQSC) technology. The high level of pressure stability and reduction of internal forces has significant benefits for the gas user in terms of increased efficiency, performance and improved product life.

With improved safety a key driver of the innovative new design, the multi-patented SMOOTHFLO™ is one of the safest gas regulators in its class. A novel break-off inlet stem has been designed to ensure that if a cylinder is damaged by a fall the high performing excess-flow valve will automatically seal off any gas discharge.

“Linde has always played a pioneering role in the compressed gases industry and we are constantly innovating in order to provide customers with not only the most efficient and effective solutions to meet their gas handling needs, but the safest ones,” said Michael Goss, Global Product Manager, Welding Products, Linde Gases Division.

The unique piston embedded safety valve improves safety further as the embedding feature prevents contaminates from blocking or entering the valve. Piston-driven technology also produces excellent pressure stability at higher flow rates, which allows an operator to achieve greater gas cutting speeds.

Another unique feature of SMOOTHFLO™ are its patented panel mounted gauges which are recessed and integrated into the regulator, providing greater efficiency and reduced instances of potential pressure gauge damage. Additionally, a mirror configuration of the SMOOTHFLO™ regulator prevents hose overlap and reduces the potential risk of oxygen/acetylene fires.

The outer cladding of the regulator is manufactured from a robust, impact-resistant and fire retardant nylon-based material and affords robust pressure gauge protection.