Minister-President of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck, lays the foundation stone for hydrogen project and multi-energy fueling station at the German capital airport BER.

By laying the foundation for the first CO2-neutral fueling station at the future capital airport BER,  the wind power company ENERTRAG, the industrial gas supplier Linde and the energy company TOTAL are driving hydrogen technology towards the next step for market readiness.

Together with the associated partners McPhy Energy and 2G Energietechnik, the project partners for the first time offer solutions for one of the major challenges of the energy transition, storage of renewable energy. Beginning in autumn 2013, hydrogen driven vehicles will be able to fuel “green” hydrogen. With this project, all cooperating partners demonstrate, that environmental friendly mobility, based on renewable energy is possible.

The minister-president of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck, pointed out at the official foundation stone ceremony in Schönefeld, “Green Hydrogen is one of the most important elements for the energy transition. Brandenburg today plays a pioneering role amongst the federal states of Germany and would like to further expand its leading role in renewable energies. We are glad, that very different partners are joining their competences forces for such a pioneering project.”

In the 10 million Euros project, renewable energy from a nearby wind park will be converted into green hydrogen by an ENERTRAG electrolyser, thus converting fluctuating or excess energy. Renewably generated hydrogen will then serve for storing electrical energy, which cannot be taken by the grid in times of high wind power generation. And serves as a fuel for zero-emission mobility. TOTAL and Linde will build the infrastructure which is necessary to fuel hydrogen driven vehicles.

McPhy Energy will provide for the first time a system based on innovative metalhydride storage for a capacity to buffer of up to 100 kg hydrogen, which will allow the combined heat and power plant of 2G (CHP) to provide electricity continuously out of the storage system, flexible and exactly when it is needed.

“This is more than a demonstration of technologies bundled to a sensible solution. It makes the future of our energy system tangible, and it makes evident and obvious that Europe with its enormous innovation potential, has the chance to become a role model to drive the transition into a fossil-free energy age,” said Pascal Mauberger, President and CEO of McPhy Energy S.A Group in France.

Roland Kaeppner, CEO of McPhy Energy Deutschland, explains, “For us, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate the unique potential of our technology, and to contribute realising the ambitious targets. Changing a running system needs pioneers. We, the main partners of this project as well as the young and innovative firms like us are united in the belief that hydrogen will become on of the most important energy vectors of our future. The integration of renewables requires intelligent solutions. Here, we demonstrate practicable and visible, how such solutions can shape our future”.

For the first time, McPhy will deliver an industrialised system of this size to store significant amounts of hydrogen safely, at low pressure and at a low dimensional footprint.