Mass Flow ONLINE B.V. presents its SONIC-VIEW Series, an ultrasonic flow meter for water and aqueous solutions.

The compact, non-obstructive instrument operates on the basis of two ultrasonic transducers, mounted on the outer surface of a straight, stainless steel tube. The flow meter does not contain any moving parts, causes virtually no pressure loss and can be mounted in any position, requiring no straight inlet or outlet runs. Its sensor housing is IP54 protected.

The in-line ultrasonic flow meters are available in nominal sizes DN10 and DN20 for flow ranges of 1,5…30 l/min respectively 5…110 l/min. Both versions allow frequency and analogue output proportional to the flow and an additional alarm output. The alarm status is indicated by an LED and the alarm level can easily be adjusted by means of a rotary switch on the front cover.