Rifair, a key player in the medical gases and oxygen industry, announces the launch of a new generation of mobile turnkey solutions for on-site oxygen production.

The company’s containerised medical gases on site production bestsellers have acquired new ergonomic design, but also some technical improvements to enhance its performance and usability. On-site oxygen and medical gases’ production is an economic and safe alternative to gas in cylinders.

Hospitals do not need a storage area and special staff to manipulate the cylinders any more: purest oxygen is available 24/7 in the needed quantity. In this way Rifair mobile turn-key solutions facilitate the delivery and enhance the safety of quality health care services.

For mobile units like disaster facilities or military hospitals, the rapid access to medical gases becomes a crucial issue.

And that is where Rifair mobile turn-key solutions come to the rescue, permitting on site medical gas supply. New Rifair’s containerised solutions are safer, more flexible and more accessible than ever. The efficiency and the modularity of their containerised medical oxygen systems, medical air and medical vacuum plants present real benefits for healthcare units. Thanks to costs’ optimisation and technical advance of Rifair’s new mobile turnkey solutions even more hospitals all over the world will be fitted with purest gases.

“Our containers are suitable for any medical facilities: clinics, mobile or military hospitals, disaster facilities. You can choose a standard solution or ask us to design a tailor-made combination using medical oxygen generators, medical air or vacuum plants to match your exact needs. We provide 100% turn-key solutions, fully tested, pre-assembled and ready to operate in a complete autonomy,” said a spokesman from the company.

Key benefits:

Economy: produce only what you use, rapid return on investment (two or three years)

Flexibility: get medical gas anywhere you are

Safety: no transport, no cylinders storage – no more explosion or fire hazards related to handling or use

Plug’n’play: the system is tested and ready to be connected

Modularity/ Multifunctionality: meet your exact requirements (concentration, flow rate, pressure and other parameters)

Autonomy: You operate independently from cryogenic tanks and cylinders supply.

Usability: No need of technical facilities anymore. Rifair’s aim is to help mobile healthcare units to provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare everywhere.