Cryo Diffusion, a VRV Group company, has long been known for innovative products that cater to clients specific requirements. And the company is proud to be associated with Deliza, the first fully self-contained cryogenic cooking device.

At atmospheric pressure, liquid nitrogen boils at −196°C (77 K; −321°F) and can cause freezing instantly, making it the ideal technique for immediate cooling. Liquid nitrogen locks in the nutrients instantly as well as preserving the texture and moisture of the food along with the flavour.

This device has been designed for the chefs and restaurants that want to offer the best possible cryogenic cooking “experience” to their clients. Ergonomics, efficiency, safety and ease of use for the operator have been given special attention to the design of this unique device, the Deliza fountain.

The Deliza allows exact quantities of liquid nitrogen to be dispensed easily and safely under the protection of a removable transparent perspex dome, by use of a foot operated pedal, so the chef can operate the equipment easily, safely and totally hands free.

Philippe Doinel, General Manager of Cryo Diffusion, said, “The Deliza fountain is an example of the way in which standard industrial products can be innovated to new and unique applications. Currently though the Deliza is used primarily in commercial establishments but, in the long term, we could also see a domestic cryogenic cooking device entering the market and being used in homes.“

Established in 1965, Cryo Diffusiondesigns and manufactures the full range of vacuum super-insulated cryogenic equipment for liquefied gases for international projects. The company is a leading supplier of products for long-term cryo preservation of biological materials and offers a complete Cryobank Management System. All the products are manufactured in France at the facility in Léry, near Paris and over 70% of the products are exported globally. 

Since 2001, Cryo Diffusion has been part of the VRV Group, a leading multinational corporation with expertise in the design and manufacture of highly engineered pressure equipment for the cryogenic, chemical, petrochemical, and power industries.